I have a Netware 6 sp5 server, adaptec 29160 controller, SCSI hdd that I
get the following error when booting up. Netware configuration file
transfer cache to dos error:0x53 and after this I get:

Rebuilding the Netware Kernel load template
Netware Kerrnel Load Template being Verified
Netware Kernet Load template Verification successful

These three lines go over and over again and never stop. I've looked in
the knowledge base and I see two things that match up with this problem.
One talks about backreving the NIC driver and the other talks about the
dos partition and reformatting it. My question is has anyone run into
this and what is the fix, If it is reformatting the dos partition can I
just copy the nwserver directory back after formatting it and will it
work. Is this the fix?