OK I'm starting to pull my hair out on this one...

I've gone through all the TIDs I can find to no avail.

After updating from Netware 6.0 SP3 to SP5 Apache will not load. The
following error is logged: [DATE] [crit] (10022)Unknown error:
make_secure_socket: port 443, WSAIoctl: (SO_SSL_SET_SERVER)

As a result I cannot access iManager, iFolder, Remote Manager, etc..

I've tried the following:
- unloading and re-loading apache/tomcat
- Checking expiry date on SSL cert 'OK'
- Recreating Certificate anyway
- Checking whether anything else in listening on ports 443 or 2200 'OK'
- running pkidiag (newest version) repeatedly.

Interestingly I get the following in the REPAIR.LOG before and after
recreating a new SSL cert:

Note: Occasionally multiple problems will be solved with a single fix.

Fixable problems found: 0
Problems fixed: 2
Un-fixable problems found: 0

Any Ideas...?