I've had two Netware 6.5 Server give me an Abend that completely locks the server and fills the screen up with Assembly code. They both then had corrupt DOS partitions (NWSERVER directory was gone, chkdsk had 100s of errors) when I rebooted them.

The similarity between the servers is an Adaptec 2400a IDE RAID card. I have used this card with Netware 6.0 for years and had no problems. But it seems that Netware 6.5 does not like the card. I'm using whatever ISO/HAM drivers that come with Netware 6.5:

BKSTROSM.HAM Version 1.19 November 7, 2000

I couldn't find an updated version of the file. Adaptec only has Netware 5.x drivers on thier site.

Thanks for any help!