Hello all,

Yes, I have seen the above posting. I too have symantec Antivirus in my environment. Everything was fine until NW65/OES sp4. It is a well known problem with symantec and like the above posting says "they are working on it".

My posting here is more a rant than a question. Why is it when I touch something on my server, symantec, 99 times out of a 100, goes to heck. Likewise, when symantec does an "Upgrade", The best way to actually "upgrade" is to rip EVERYTHING out and start from scratch? I am really getting sick of symantec.

I am having the same problems with Back-up exec.

My real question is, is Symantec in or out in the Novell/linux environment?Who are the big players and shakers in Antivirus for servers and workstations now (for now)?