Hello all,
I have a server that will run for a while, and then after a couple of
days, it will just restart all on it's own. It will do it a couple of
times and then it will be ok again for a while. The server is an HP
DL380 dual 3 mhz processors and 4gb of ram. It is running Netware 6.5
sp2 and also running Zenworks 6.5 hp3 imaging on it. Is there somewhere
I can look, some log fine that I am unaware of, that will tell me the
reason it shutdown and restarted? It also gets soft abends on it. It
says that it experienced a critical error and it puts numbers in brackets
next to the machine name. For example:

Thank you for any help.
Bob Shatford
Asst. Network Administrator
Keller ISD