We have been upgrading our nw6 servers to sp5 prior to our upgrade to
nw6.5. We have a problem with sp5 hanging during installation on the
server w/the master replica. SP5 has installed fine on the other 4 nw6
servers. I believe we have all java apps unloaded. We were running cifs
but have it remarked out of the autoexec.ncf go prevent it from loading
as it appeared to be abending the server. I believe we have sufficienct
drive space have asked the server admin to verify this for me.

*FS1 server.exe is 3/27/03
*OS version at the colon prompt = Support Pack Revision 03
Server Version 5.60.03 March 27, 2003
*OS version in nwconfig = SPACK 6.0.3 v3.0 Support Pack for Netware 6.0

I need additional input on troubleshooting this. Thank you in advance.