I have a NW51sp6 tree where all 51 servers are running edir 8.6.2sp4. The
DSMaster server is also NW51sp6 edir 8.6.2sp4 (it also runs dirxml 1.1a).

I installed NW65sp3 into the tree by upgrading a server installed
specifically for the upgrade. This server holds a partition of [root]. The
upgrade went ahead perfectly and there were no problems.

I have now installed my first NW65sp4 server into the tree and have
experienced a problem with the DSMaster server. Once I installed the NW65sp4
server and added a partition to it the DSMaster sprung a memory leak. The
resource tag that is hogging all the ram is SERVER.NLM TCO: System

I have looked through support.novell.com for any answers on compatibility
problems for my tree configuration but nothing concrete. My config is
supported with NW65sp3.

I am eventually going to replace the DSMaster with a NW65sp4 server but I
don't have the new hardware yet...

Does anyone have any answers for me ?