Hi All,

I have been watching the memory usage for NIFIF.nlm increase. As a
test we created a second Netstorage server using NW65SP3 with the post
patches and have given the users a choice of which server to use.

The memory usage for NIFIF.NLM (SP3) is approx 16,000,000 the memory
usage for NIFIF.NLM (SP4) is approx. 259,000,000. I will reboot The
SP4 server and watch the NFIF module to see if it start to increase

Looks like we will be going back to the NW65SP3 release. EVERY server
that we have upgraded to SP4 we have had problems with and have had to
go back to SP3.

The only other time we have had this much trouble was our upgrades was
when we went from MW2.15C to NW3.0.

Regards Wayne.