We have a Dell PE2600 Dual Xeon, 2GB RAM, Perc 4, Raid 5 server running
NWSBS6 SP5, BM, GroupWise etc. I know this is now unsupported by Novell
but unfortunately its the only server we have and we need to get this
running with stability.

Every few minutes the utilisation on the server hits 50% sometimes as
high as 56%. Checking each CPU shows little load on Processor1 with 100%
utilisation on Processor0, after few minutes load drops to a few % and
all is OK.

The utilisation appears to be NLS UpdateEntry. Whenever this appears the
server slows to a crawl, users moan and I get grief. Server also crashes
periodically with no pattern when the backup - Arcserve9 runs. Whole
server is hung no logs written (abend or Arcserve).

Any suggestions? BTW I have applied post SP5 NLS, SLP, TSA, NSS fixes.