I have a strange situation and am not sure if it is bad luck and coincidence
or something more troublesome at play.

We have our Groupwise server (6.5.4) running on Netware (6.0 SP5) and we
have had two drive failures in the last month on relatively new servers (<24
mos. old). The first failure involved 2 drives in a RAID 5 setup and
necessitated a fresh reinstall of the OS on new server hardware and a
restore of GW from backup. This server was temporary while we waited for
new hardware and an upgrade window. The second failure is of the mirrored
drive in a RAID 0 setup in that temporary server and has not been addressed
yet (crossing my fingers that the first drive doesn't fail).

The main question. Does this seem like pure coincidence or could there be
something in the server setup/operation that is causing the drives to fail

Some other oddities that have shown up that may or may not be pertinent to
the problem. The temporary server abended two weeks ago and Groupwise was
running very slowly until the server was rebooted (the abend did not cause
GW to stop working). Everything seemed to return to normal after the
reboot. Groupwise has begun performing very slowly again in the last
several days and I don't know if that is due to the drive failure or not.
The server was rebooted this morning (that's when we discovered the drive
failure) and the slowness is still there. The processor utilization is very
low (5-15% usually), so that doesn't appear to be the problem. Also, the
server is showing two processors (both in Monitor and with the "display
processor" command) and it is only a single processor box (as far as I know
since I have never ordered any servers with multiple processors).

A secondary question. Am I going crazy or is there some logical sense to
all of this? Should I just accelerate my upgrade and write it off to

Original server: Dell PowerEdge 1750 (3.0 GHz Xeon) w/ three 72 GB SCSI
drives RAID 5
Temporary server Dell PowerEdge 1750 (2.4 GHz Xeon) w/ two 144 GB SCSI drive
Both running NW 6.0 SP5
Both running GW 6.5 SP4
Both using embedded PERC RAID controllers

Thanks for any assistance or insights.

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools