at 10:0 this a.m. our main file server sent this error message. I don't
know what this means, hopefully it will be easily explained. Thank you.

Comn-3.22-33[nmID+A0023] an I/O error (20204(210.c[2179])) at block
1327708(file blcok-13287708) ZID 57806 has compromised volume integrity.

Server-5.70-1533[nmID=B0012] device "[V098-A5-D4:0] Open file manager
synchronized devide" Deactivate due to driver unload.

NSS<ZL557-3.22-1449: zlsslogicalvolucme.c[4722] <<bad message>>

This server has been abend free and I have been running Backup Exec and
OFM for a couple of years without a problem.