My main production server is Netware 6.0 SP5 and has been running SAV CE
v8.0 perfectly for quite a time (2-3 years) and now it is time to upgrade to
a new server platform running Netware 6.5 SP3 (OES).
The install of SAV seemed to go ok ( running sys:\sav\vpstart.nlm /install
gave an "installed successfully" message) but it then caused an instant
ABend and full Restart of the Server.

After the reboot there is no SAV console running even though the installer
had put VPstart.nlm into the autoexec.ncf. (I quickly commented it out in
case of further problems)

(At least the server is not continuously ABending and rebooting like one
unfortunate user I read in another post! In any event, I am now unwilling
to touch anything further until am out of production workhours)

Now, the SAV CE v8.0 installation document says required version is "NetWare
5.x / NetWare 6.x SP1", so although old in terms of newer SAV releases, I
thought it would still be supported, but I have also read somewhere else
that even the latest SAV (v10) is causing ABends for users with NW 6.5

Is there a fix for this? Mandatory patches? Inherent incompatibilities?

Is v8.0 not supported on NW6.5 despite the literature?