We have three Netware servers. Two are 6.5 and one 6.0.
Now Server A as I call it used to be Netware 6.0 with an Adaptec 2110S card
in it. We installed a New Adaptec Controller 2120S into the server. Which
took over the RAID 5 configuration okay.
Then we upgraded Server A to Netware 6.5. Then with Server B which is
Netware 6.0 we also replaced the RAID Controller which was also an Adaptec
2110s with an Adaptec 2120S. But not yet upgraded to Netware 6.5.
Adaptec Raid controller 2110S weren't compatable with 6.5, hence why we
replaced the cards.
But since then, Server B which has Brighstor 9.01, backups up itself and
data of Server A.
Every second night, Server A crashes. Like freezes. Forcing a hard reboot.
No error logs, no indication of why it goes down. But it crashes when
Server B goes to backup Server A. SYS volume of Server A gets backed up
okay. But when the backup hits VOL1, the server goes.
Now why would this be. I have applied the post patches of NSS, TCP, TSA,
Server.exe update for 6.5 SP3. But obviously none of these have helped. I
used the latest drivers for the Adaptec cards on both Servers. Also had
upgraded the Firmware on the Adaptec Cards as well.
I am worried now there is an issue with these new controller cards.
Also on Server B that has Groupwise 6. Every now and then, no-one can't
connect to Groupwise. So we have to just shutdown Groupwise and re-start
Groupwise and the way she goes again.
Any ideas???

Jim Propert