I have 2 Netware 6.0 servers with both the latest service packs 5 on
them. Both have the latest build of Backup Exec for Netware 9.1 the
latest drivers . Both are running in sequence Symantec AntiVirus
Corportate 9.0 on each server. While monitoring these particular
servers , the utitlization will peak 99 to 100 % every 30 seconds to 2
mins, then stays at that peak for 30 seconds or more.

I notice through the Symantec Anti Virus Corporate console on the
Netware 6.0 servers, that its scanning active files from SYS:BKUPEXEC
directories at the time of high utilization. It seems like the BackupExec
9.1 for NetWare is doing some type of routine database check or systems
check at this time, im not exactly sure. I've check all settings with in
the BackupExec 9.1 console and couldn't find any option for this.

What is the active interval process and how can I disable it? Is there a
setting or a command line switch to use on the Netware 6.0 server in
conjuction with the usual Bestart command to eliviate this high
utilization problem? Is it something with the SP5 that might cause high
utilization with BackupExec 9.1 for Netware?

Mind you, this is when both servers are in idle mode with no backups
running, just Symantec Anti Virus Corporate 9.0 must scanning modified
files only. I'v searched in all forums, knowledge bases on Novell.com ,
Symentec.com and Veritas.com with no avail.

I also posted this problem with Symentec/Veritas with no responses back
from them yet, I pretty much will not expect anything from them cause of
their poor response time to follow up on this.