....and no logs are left behind, was it really crashed?

NW6.5.4a server was reportedly down last nite on a client site.

Unfortunately, nothing in any of the Novell logs indicate any problems. So,
I'm left to determine whether it really crashed or not.

I've got an Edir replica running on an ancient W2K server... are there any
logs on that might indicate loss of communications? I didn't find any, but
that's not to say that I know what I'm looking for.

Anyway, I got a phone call this morning at 6:45 from their CFO, who reported
that after rebooting the server several times that it still wasn't logging
in. The only problem was that he was booting their W2K accounting server,
and the screen he was seeing was the Novell Client login screen on that
server. He didn't know about Mr. KVM.....

Tim Wohlford, CNE