I have a Dell Poweredge 2600 server, running as a proxy (BM3.8),
that "hangs" about once a day now. No abend, just s-l-o-w response to
any input at the console and the proxy stops responding. Upon hard
reboot (only kind it will do), boots up normally and functions normally
until next hang. I have ran DSRepair and it finds a few errors but
nothing startling.

The only functions on this server are BorderManager 3.8 and Symantec
Antivirus 10 Corporate Edition. There are some leftover Zen4 functions
(inventory). No DHCP, DNS, or authentication services.

Without an abend I'm at a loss to diagnose the problem. Does anyone have
any suggestions on diagnostics I could perform, or logs I could look at
to pinpoint the problem?