Hello All:

Had NW65SP2, ran dsrepair, vrepair and a ds dump. Then applied
NW6.5SP4, it reached 74% and hung there. Attempted reinstallation of SP4
with the same results. Error reports a critical error and hangs, no
entries with abend.log or syslog. When I reboot the server I get a Java
exception error in the logger screen (see below) and all services which
require Java, SSL, Tomcat and so on obviously does not work. Server will
eventually abend multiple times with similar Java errors in the logger

java: Page fault processor exeception occurred while executing class

State of Registries at Processor Exception:
EIP=9F8949F8, EFLAGS=10246, EAX=0, ECX=5047B4, EDX=9F8BA080
EBX=C0982FD4, ESP=9F921550, EBP=1000, ESI=16, EDI=17799C7

The exception occurred while executing code in: Unknown
The exception occurred while running thread: Java_542 Main (9F8F1120)
Java: An exception occurred while cleaning up APAdminIPConf. The JVM
running thread is class is permanently suspended and its resources are

It is to be noted that the class may change as well as the running thread,
but the Java nlm is always specified.

Is there a way to manually install the service pack?

Thank You