I have a HP DL380G4 SBS6.5 server with sp4a/PSP7.40 running backupexec
9.1. 40 minutes into the full backup on Friday night the server
rebooted, no abend log. Had to power cycle the server this AM as the
disks were reporting that command.com wasn't ready, after reboot
everything was found and no errors on DOS partition.

I don't think that the server had physically rebooted but rather Netware
had dropped it back out to a DOS session in a rather nasty way.

The only place I could find any info was in the compaw logs, CPQIML
reports the following:

Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process: Server
00:55 Code executing in module ZLSS.NSS v3.23d at offset +8A300h)

Is this a recurrance of NSS issues from sp4? I never had any nss issues
with SP3 or previous.

Are there any procedures that should have been run after the nss
upgrade? Pool Rebuild?