Hello all.
I've got a Dell Power Edge 2500 with Netware 6.5, Sp4, Nw65NSS4B patch
applied, and Traditional file system for SYS and VOL1.

At the end of Sept. 2005, I upgraded Netware from 5.1 SP 5 to 5.1 SP7,
then upgraded to Netware 6.5 SP 4. Almost daily after the upgrade my server
would 'Freeze'. the screen was black. Server un-responsive. I tried
almost everything. I unloaded most modules from the Autoexec.ncf. I
applied patches. I re-service packed. I was on with Dell's tech support for
hours a day, all to no avail.

When they could help me no more, I REM-med out the MPS14.nlm. For those
who don't know, MPS14.nlm runs the Multi-processor (It allows 2 CPUs to
run.) Since doing that almost 15 days ago, the server has not 'locked-up'.

A big problem I was having is that after the server would lock-up, the
system would have an ABEND mounting VOL1. Mind you, the original lock-up
would not have an entry in the Abend.Log, but the subsequent problem would.
This caused Tech Support at Dell to look in every wrong direction possible.

Now, someone smarter than me can please advise why a server running
Netware 5.1 sp5 with MPS14.nlm had no problem but after the upgrade to
NW6.5, having 2 processors enabled causes locks-ups? However, two other
servers with MPS-enabled do not have the same problem.