I hope you folks can help me....

We are running NW6.5 SP3 on a HP ProLiant ML370, which is both our File
and Print (FP) and Groupwise Server (v.6.5), and we had an Abend last
night which meant our main FP and GW Server was down when we came in
this morning.

There was no error info in the NW logs, but the Insight Manager logs
had the following:

Abnormal Program Termination (Abend: CPU Hog Detected by Timer Running
Process: Console Logger 1)


Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process:
VxNDMP_6eb66480 Code executing in module ZLSS.NSS v3.22 at offset

That's all i have, I'm afraid. Got in this AM and the Server had an I/O
error and couldn't find command.com for some reason, so no DOS prompt to
start the server. I rebooted and it came up fine after that.

Has anyone got any ideas what the issue could be from the limited info.

Thanks in advance...