One of our NetWare servers was upgraded a few months ago from NetWare 6.0 to
6.5 SP3. Since then, it has had problems with high CPU utilization,
apparently caused by Apache2. The server will run normally for days/weeks,
and then the CPU utilization will suddenly go up to 100% and stay there,
dropping down to around 30% for only a second from time to time. Apache2 is
shown to be one of the busiest processes, and unloading apache2.nlm brings
the utilization down immediately. Utilization stays down after reloading

I have 15 servers running NetWare 6.5, and only one of them is having this
problem, but I cannot seem to fix it. I very recently upgraded the server to
NW65SP4a, but the problem keeps happening.

Any ideas?

Rick Pummel