We have some problem with an NW6 sp3 server, that abends suddenly and
then there is no abend 1 that can ben found.

Last night we used the HP Diagnostics en there was no hardware problem
found. When the server was rebooted we did get this abbend:

Server EWDNWS01 halted Thursday, November 10, 2005 7:53:56.235 am
Abend 1 on P02: Server-5.60.03: General Protection Processor Exception
(Error code 00000000)

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = D1C6B540 EBX = 24419A11 ECX = FFFFFFFE EDX = 0000001A
ESI = D1C6B53C EDI = D1C6B3F9 EBP = 00000001 ESP = D0B97C50
EIP = D690DC95 FLAGS = 00010002
EIP in TCP.NLM at code start +00020C95h

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
D690DC9B 0F18 ??18
D690DC9D 080F OR [EDI],CL
D690DC9F 184820 SBB [EAX+20],CL
D690DCA2 0F18 ??18
D690DCA6 0F18 ??18

Running process: Server 02:3 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: D0B97F80
OS Stack limit: D0B90040
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 50500F0 Waiting for work
Stack: --00000000 ?
--A6143D58 ?
--D0B97C84 ?
--D1C6B3C4 (LSL.NLM|MLIDPhysicalBoardTable+DC3C)
--D0B97C84 ?
D68FC9C0 (TCP.NLM|TCPMPUnsafeConnectionLookup+514)
-D691407C (TCP.NLM|tcp_trace_on+6C)
--D6BE9720 ?
--D1C6B3C4 (LSL.NLM|MLIDPhysicalBoardTable+DC3C)
--D6BE9720 ?
D68F3422 (TCP.NLM|TCPSetOption+1912)
--D1C6B3C4 (LSL.NLM|MLIDPhysicalBoardTable+DC3C)
--D0B97C84 ?
--D1C6B3C4 (LSL.NLM|MLIDPhysicalBoardTable+DC3C)
--D0B97CB0 ?
--D0B97CC0 ?
006C64F3 (SERVER.NLM|OutputToString+1337)
--00000040 ?
--00000000 ?
--0000001C ?
--D0B97E5A ?
--00000000 ?
006C0000 (SERVER.NLM|EndPopUpScreen+2B8)
--00000000 ?
--00000210 ?
--010A10AC ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000210 ?
--9F0A10AC ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000046 ?
--00000000 ?
--000000E8 ?
--07000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000046 ?
--00000004 ?
--00000046 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000003 ?
0010F3C2 (LOADER.EXE|InterProcessorInterruptSend+4E)
--D000F060 ?
-008179BC (SERVER.NLM|targetProcessorTable+60)
--D0042040 ?
--00000019 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000019 ?
--00000019 ?
--0000000A ?
--00000001 ?
--D0B97D54 ?
--00000040 ?
--D0B97D80 ?
--000000A0 ?
--11111111 ?
--D0B8E500 ?
--00000003 ?
--00000014 ?
--D0B97E5A ?
--00000200 ?
--00000000 ?
--00202294 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000046 ?
0061F0D4 (SERVER.NLM|MpkSystemWork+18)
--00202294 ?
--00000046 ?
--00000014 ?
--D0B97E5A ?
--00000000 ?
--D0B97E59 ?
00604710 (SERVER.NLM|kExitNetWare+B8)
--00000200 ?
D0780B30 (CPUCHECK.NLM|DoWorkOnProcessor+A14)
-00829F03 ?
D0AA9D32 (CPQACPI.PSM|(Code Start)+7D32)
--00000000 ?
--D0005000 ?
--00001000 ?
--07F49028 ?
--39373220 ?
--484D2030 ?
--07F49028 ?
--00000082 ?
D0AA9CF5 (CPQACPI.PSM|(Code Start)+7CF5)
--00000082 ?
--00000000 ?
--D0005000 ?
--00000082 ?
--00000082 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--D0B97DF8 ?
--00000000 ?
--11111111 ?
--D04441E0 ?
--D04441E0 ?
006161AF (SERVER.NLM|_CommonSchedResume+13B)

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in TCP.NLM. The
problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a
process owned by SERVER.NLM.

Loaded Modules:
Q57.LAN HP NC10xx/NC67xx/NC77xx Gigabit Server Adapter
Version 7.63
Code Address: D7E48000h Length: 0001AF4Ah
Data Address: 3D846000h Length: 00008468h
ETHERTSM.NLM Novell Ethernet Topology Specific Module
Version 3.89
Code Address: D7E42000h Length: 000024D7h
Data Address: D7E46000h Length: 000002BCh
NSPDNS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service Providers
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: D7E0F000h Length: 0000230Fh
Data Address: D7E13000h Length: 000004E4h
ODINEB.NLM Novell ODI to Novell Event Bus Interface Module
Version 1.10
Code Address: D7E03000h Length: 000012E9h
Data Address: D7E06000h Length: 0000077Ch
MSM.NLM Novell Multi-Processor Media Support Module
Version 4.10
Code Address: D7DE0000h Length: 0000E5B3h
Data Address: D7DF0000h Length: 00003DCCh
WSPIP.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
Version 6.20.02 February 21, 2003
Code Address: D7D87000h Length: 0000E894h
Data Address: D7D97000h Length: 0000208Ch
NCPIP.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IP
Version 5.62
Code Address: D7D25000h Length: 00014599h
Data Address: D7D3B000h Length: 000021A0h
DXEVENT.NLM DirXML Event Handler for Novell Directory Services
Version 10410.02
Code Address: D7CF9000h Length: 00019C81h
Data Address: D7D14000h Length: 0000B314h
Version 6.05.11 July 28, 2003
Code Address: D747F000h Length: 0000C0E9h
Data Address: D748D000h Length: 0000BA60h
TCPIP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Network module (NULL encryption)

Version 6.07.12 December 19, 2003
Code Address: D69D5000h Length: 00048F9Ch
Data Address: D6A20000h Length: 0002C670h
TCP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (NULL
Version 6.06.16 September 12, 2003
Code Address: D68ED000h Length: 0002133Bh
Data Address: D6910000h Length: 000874A0h
Version 6.03.01 October 7, 2002
Code Address: D6735000h Length: 00008CFCh
Data Address: D673F000h Length: 000D08C0h
Version 4.21
Code Address: D661A000h Length: 000003CCh
Data Address: D661C000h Length: 000024E0h
CSL.NLM NetWare Call Support Layer For NetWare
Version 2.06.02 January 13, 2000
Code Address: D65AA000h Length: 0000CB32h
Data Address: D65B8000h Length: 000028F4h
SNMP.NLM Netware 4.x/5.x/6.x SNMP Service
Version 4.16.04 February 18, 2003
Code Address: D64A9000h Length: 00013740h
Data Address: D64BE000h Length: 00003110h
TLI.NLM NetWare Transport Level Interface Library
Version 4.30.02 December 19, 2000
Code Address: D645A000h Length: 00003859h
Data Address: D645F000h Length: 00000164h
Global Code Address: D6461000h Length: 00001000h
Global Data Address: D6463000h Length: 00002000h
TIMESYNC.NLM NetWare Time Synchronization Services
Version 6.03.09 February 25, 2003
Code Address: D63D2000h Length: 0000CDECh
Data Address: D63E0000h Length: 00003E50h
CLXNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCLX Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D63C9000h Length: 000011F3h
Data Address: D63CC000h Length: 000001B0h
NSPNDS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPNDS.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20
Code Address: D63A4000h Length: 00006547h
Data Address: D63AC000h Length: 00000518h
CALNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCalls Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D637B000h Length: 00017349h
Data Address: D6394000h Length: 00000510h
DSAPI.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D61A3000h Length: 00000043h
Data Address: D61A5000h Length: 00000024h
DSEVENT.NLM NetWare DSEvent Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D619D000h Length: 00000633h
Data Address: D619F000h Length: 00000034h
NETNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D6123000h Length: 00035EB9h
Data Address: D615A000h Length: 00004D26h
CLIB.NLM Novell Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D60D0000h Length: 0001894Eh
Data Address: D60EA000h Length: 00002FB0h
NIT.NLM NetWare Interface Tools Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D6074000h Length: 0001C694h
Data Address: D6092000h Length: 00000690h
NCPNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNCP Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D5F73000h Length: 0001C0C3h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
CLNNLM32.NLM NetWare NWClient Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D5F43000h Length: 00001C72h
Data Address: D5F46000h Length: 00000130h
NLMLIB.NLM Novell NLM Runtime Library
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D5F06000h Length: 00025872h
Data Address: D5F2D000h Length: 00003890h
Version 6.00.03 January 18, 2002
Code Address: D5EC0000h Length: 000120CDh
Data Address: D5ED4000h Length: 000010A0h
Global Code Address: D5ED7000h Length: 00001000h
REQUESTR.NLM Novell NCP Requestor for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D5E40000h Length: 0001FC63h
Data Address: D5E61000h Length: 00001090h
THREADS.NLM Novell Threads Package for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D5D2C000h Length: 00018C48h
Data Address: D5D46000h Length: 00011660h
LIB0.NLM Novell Ring 0 Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D5A6C000h Length: 0002528Ah
Data Address: D5A93000h Length: 00228040h
POLIMGR.NLM NetWare License Policy Manager
Version 6.15
Code Address: D51C1000h Length: 000139DCh
Data Address: D51D6000h Length: 00008C34h
DS.NLM Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP
Version 10350.19
Code Address: D4E1C000h Length: 00207A69h
Data Address: D5025000h Length: 00057102h
ROLLCALL.NLM RollCall NLM (101, API 1.0)
Version 5.00
Code Address: D4E18000h Length: 0000055Dh
Data Address: D4E1A000h Length: 000002D4h
SAL.NLM Novell System Abstraction Layer Version 2.1.0
Version 10210.65
Code Address: D4DF4000h Length: 0000999Ch
Data Address: D4DFF000h Length: 00001300h
NDSAUDIT.NLM Directory Services Audit
Version 2.08
Code Address: D4A21000h Length: 000104A4h
Data Address: D4A33000h Length: 00002ED0h
MASV.NLM Mandatory Access Control Service
Version 1.37.01 December 12, 2001
Code Address: D49EF000h Length: 0000F166h
Data Address: D4A00000h Length: 00002340h
NSPSLP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPSLP.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: D495B000h Length: 00005ED3h
Data Address: D4962000h Length: 00000B30h
Version 1.20
Code Address: D492F000h Length: 0000DD1Ah
Data Address: D493E000h Length: 00001600h
Version 2.05.01 November 12, 2002
Code Address: D48E5000h Length: 00017B58h
Data Address: D48FE000h Length: 00004354h
DSLOADER.NLM Novell Directory Services Version 8.6.2 Loader
Version 10330.03
Code Address: D482D000h Length: 000083FEh
Data Address: D4837000h Length: 000006B0h
XIM.XLM Novell NICI Signed Loader
Version 1.02
Code Address: D4543000h Length: 0001DE70h
Data Address: 3D871000h Length: 00003900h
WS2_32.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM
Version 6.20.01 February 18, 2003
Code Address: D441F000h Length: 00034902h
Data Address: D4455000h Length: 0001085Eh
NCP.NLM NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Engine
Version 5.60
Code Address: D434F000h Length: 00024C4Fh
Data Address: D4375000h Length: 000184E4h
QUEUE.NLM NetWare Queue Services NLM
Version 5.60
Code Address: D42F1000h Length: 00006D8Dh
Data Address: D42F9000h Length: 00000473h
MALHLP.NLM NSS Configure help messages (Build 337 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D3119000h Length: 000000BAh
Data Address: D311B000h Length: 0000002Ah
NSSIDK.NSS NSS Pool Configuration Manager (Build 234 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D310F000h Length: 00002B55h
Data Address: D3113000h Length: 00000090h
Version 1.21
Code Address: D310B000h Length: 00000879h
Data Address: D310D000h Length: 00000018h
VOLMN.NSS NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Build 177 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D30F0000h Length: 00004CB3h
Data Address: D30F6000h Length: 00000260h
NWSA.NSS NSS NetWare Semantic Agent (NWSA) (Build 1062 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2FEB000h Length: 00043C2Eh
Data Address: D3030000h Length: 000990C0h
ZLSS.NSS NSS Journaled Storage System (ZLSS) (Build 1462 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2E02000h Length: 000ADA06h
Data Address: D2EB1000h Length: 0000B610h
MAL.NSS NSS Media Access Layer (MAL) (Build 450 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2D18000h Length: 00003106h
Data Address: D2D1D000h Length: 00000170h
MANAGE.NSS NSS Management Functions (Build 256 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2CEE000h Length: 0001DFF1h
Data Address: D2D0D000h Length: 00000610h
COMN.NSS NSS Common Support Layer (COMN) (Build 2322 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2BA1000h Length: 000B14D6h
Data Address: D2C54000h Length: 00010660h
NSS.NLM NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 656 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2903000h Length: 000276F0h
Data Address: D292C000h Length: 0008C570h
LIBNSS.NLM Generic Library used by NSS (Build 93 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D28E8000h Length: 0000369Ch
Data Address: D28ED000h Length: 000003D0h
NSSWIN.NLM NSS ASCI Window API Library (Build 187 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D28D1000h Length: 000047DCh
Data Address: D28D7000h Length: 000000FCh
UNI_UPR.NLM NetWare Unicode Upper Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01
Code Address: D27E0000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D27E2000h Length: 00002328h
UNI_MON.NLM NetWare Unicode Lower Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01
Code Address: D27DA000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D27DC000h Length: 0000207Ch
UNI_437.NLM NetWare Unicode conversion API for code page 437,
Version 1.01
Code Address: D27D2000h Length: 000001B7h
Data Address: D27D4000h Length: 00000B44h
LOCNLM32.NLM NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D27C8000h Length: 000047EBh
Data Address: D27CE000h Length: 00000C60h
UNICODE.NLM NetWare Unicode Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D27A3000h Length: 00003413h
Data Address: D27A8000h Length: 00008AE4h
FILESYS.NLM NetWare File System NLM
Version 5.13
Code Address: D267E000h Length: 0008DA77h
Data Address: D270E000h Length: 00012BC0h
LFS.NLM NetWare Logical File System NLM
Version 5.12
Code Address: D2568000h Length: 000094ADh
Data Address: D2573000h Length: 0000833Ch
CONNMGR.NLM ENG TEST - NetWare Connection Manager NLM
Version 5.60
Code Address: D24F5000h Length: 00011325h
Data Address: D2508000h Length: 00003C78h
UMSSHIM.NLM Novell USB Mouse Shim
Version 1.01
Code Address: D24EB000h Length: 00000B1Bh
Data Address: 00FF2000h Length: 0000041Ch
LSL.NLM Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
Version 4.77
Code Address: D1C48000h Length: 0000A5E7h
Data Address: D1C54000h Length: 00009EC8h
UKBDSHIM.NLM Novell USB Keyboard Shim
Version 1.00
Code Address: D1C0B000h Length: 00000C95h
Data Address: 2345E000h Length: 000004ACh
USBIO.NLM Novell USB IO System
Version 1.01.01 April 5, 2002
Code Address: D1BA3000h Length: 0002F308h
Data Address: 23CC0000h Length: 0001A588h
USBSHIM.NLM Novell USB Platform Shim
Version 1.01
Code Address: D1B93000h Length: 00001B32h
Data Address: D1B96000h Length: 0000B220h
LIBC.NLM Novell Kernel Services and Standard C Runtime Library
for NLMs [optimized, 3]
Version 6.01.02 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D0ED3000h Length: 0008F716h
Data Address: D0F64000h Length: 000291C1h
CPQRAID.HAM HP Unified RAID driver
Version 2.14
Code Address: D0D24000h Length: 000214EDh
Data Address: 23E38000h Length: 0000B178h
ADPT160M.HAM Adaptec Ultra160 Host Adapter Module
Version 18.30.13 February 14, 2003
Code Address: D0CBD000h Length: 00020023h
Data Address: 23EC8000h Length: 00003860h
IDEATA.HAM Novell ATA/IDE/ATAPI Host Adapter Module
Version 4.00
Code Address: D0C5D000h Length: 0000B219h
Data Address: 23EE9000h Length: 00003FF4h
Version 2.04
Code Address: D0C30000h Length: 00017477h
Data Address: 23EED000h Length: 0000122Dh
IDECD.CDM Novell ATAPI CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Custom Device Module
Version 3.10
Code Address: D0C0D000h Length: 00003614h
Data Address: 23EEF000h Length: 00000CF0h
CPQACPWR.NLM hp ProLiant ACPI Component Driver for Power Management
for NetWare 6.x
Version 1.06
Code Address: D0C00000h Length: 00002154h
Data Address: D0C04000h Length: 00000DC4h
CPQACMGR.NLM hp ProLiant ACPI Component Driver Manager for NetWare
Version 1.06
Code Address: D0BE8000h Length: 000025ECh
Data Address: D0BEC000h Length: 0000085Ch
CPQACPI.PSM hp ProLiant ACPI Platform Support Module for NetWare
Version 1.06
Code Address: D0AA2000h Length: 000149A4h
Data Address: 23EDA000h Length: 0000CEDCh
CPQACA.NLM hp ProLiant ACPI Component Architecture (ACA) for
NetWare 6.x
Version 1.06
Code Address: D0A38000h Length: 0004E7E0h
Data Address: D0A88000h Length: 0001406Ch
CPQASL.NLM hp ProLiant Architecture Services Library (ASL) for
NetWare 6.x
Version 1.06
Code Address: D0A30000h Length: 00002D60h
Data Address: D0A34000h Length: 0000063Ch
NWPALOAD.NLM NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
Version 3.00
Code Address: D09AC000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM NetWare 6 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
Version 3.12.02 January 23, 2003
Code Address: D0953000h Length: 00015F26h
Data Address: D096A000h Length: 00002928h
MM.NLM NetWare Media Manager
Version 3.01.02 April 4, 2003
Code Address: D088A000h Length: 0002E06Bh
Data Address: D08BA000h Length: 00009F40h
SGUID.NLM NetWare 5 GUID Services
Version 5.61
Code Address: D083B000h Length: 00000E04h
Data Address: D083D000h Length: 0000018Ah
NBI.NLM NetWare Bus Interface
Version 2.35.14 February 24, 2003
Code Address: D080C000h Length: 0000A923h
Data Address: D0818000h Length: 00001AB8h
NEB.NLM Novell Event Bus
Version 5.61
Code Address: D07E3000h Length: 00005843h
Data Address: D07EA000h Length: 0000097Ch
DIAG500.NLM Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 6.x
Version 2.10
Code Address: D07AF000h Length: 000065C0h
Data Address: D07B7000h Length: 0001C178h
CPUCHECK.NLM NetWare Processor Checking Utility
Version 5.60.01 August 15, 2002
Code Address: D0780000h Length: 000014FAh
Data Address: D0783000h Length: 00004A0Ch
SHOWLOGO.NLM Novell Logo Viewer
Version 1.11
Code Address: D0644000h Length: 00003F2Fh
Data Address: D0649000h Length: 000035B2h
PVER500.NLM NetWare 6.XX Version Library
Version 3.00
Code Address: D04C8000h Length: 0000068Fh
Data Address: D04CA000h Length: 00000360h
NWKCFG.NLM NetWare Kernel Config NLM
Version 2.16
Code Address: D047C000h Length: 00003EBBh
Data Address: D0481000h Length: 00003C70h
CDBE.NLM NetWare Configuration DB Engine
Version 6.00
Code Address: D0173000h Length: 0000FB36h
Data Address: D0184000h Length: 000158BEh
SERVER.NLM NetWare Server Operating System
Version 5.60
Code Address: 00600000h Length: 00128000h
Data Address: 00800000h Length: 00181000h

Any help is welcome,