We have Netware 6 SP5 with Groupwise 5.5 and Arcserve running on a Compaq
DL580 with Raid 5.
Server was running good for last one year and suddenly last week wednesday
mornig around 11AM it hung and disconnected all users. Only Console
monitor was accesisble on the server and it showed Current Service Process
= 590 which is also the Maximum Service process configured.
Server was not responding to ctl+alt+del or any other command and had to
be hard reset.
It is working OK so far but yesterday current service process on Console
Monitor was showing 423 ( it was around 9 all this time since hard reboot).
Health monitor shows
allocated server process 423-current 9*-peak 590-max
available service process 423- current 423*-peak 590-max
* indicating low value

If you get into thread information, majority of them (over 80%) shows
either as "waiting for work" or "Blocked on semaphore"

Any idea on how to find which program is holding al these processes?
and also how to relaease them so current process on Console monitor backs
out to 10 or so.
How do I troble shoot this, SYS$ERR.log or helath monitor log does not
show any thing that is useful except healt monitor logs shows around 80%
CPU usage just about when Backup finshes at around 2:30AM (most of the
days but not all the days when backup is performed)

Thanks in advance for any help