Hello, I have Intel server and a MSA1000. Before the SP4a (SP3) the
clusters where running fine except for the memory issues, but nothing a
restart after 4 days didn't solve. After the upgrade to SP4a on one of
the clusters the server immediately abended on start up (no errors during
the service pack install). I have found out what it is abending on. I
have the following files loading up from startup.ncf:

SRCRX.HAM (Scsi HDD's - I think)
QL2300.HAM (Fibre card to attach to the cluster)
CPQSHD.CDM (Do not know what this is for, do you?)

If I take out the 'CPQSHD.CDM' file then the server will boot up and is
stable. But I cannot connect to the cluster, I keep getting an SBD
problem. The other server which is part of the cluster has this file
loading up and so I can only assume it is needed. I will attempt to take
it out from the other server and see if it is needed.

I have upgraded the firmware on the fibre card and there is no updates
out for the intel server scsi firmware.

Any ideas?

Thanking you in advance for any help offered.