We are using Netware 6.0 SP5 and Zenowrks 4.01 ir6 on our student server
at the High School. For the last several months it ran fine without any

However, last Thursday afternoon the server froze and I had to re-boot the
server and evrything was fine. On the weekend the samething happened, re-
booted the server and it worked fine. Then today in the morning the
server froze, re-booted the server and it worked fine.

When th server froze each time I was able to use ALT+ESC to view the
server screens. Under the monitor screen the server CPU Utilization was
at 88% and under the McAfee Netshield (which is setup to do an on-access
scan only) was at 75%. I could not unload McAfee because the server froze.

All volumes appeared to be mounted. I was not able to do a dsrepair as

I noticed under monitor and when I pressed tab it showed General
Information about the server. The Long Term Cache Hits was at 95%.

What dianostics or tools can I use to see what the problem is. Everything
seems fine to me, but there obviously is an issue.

Thanks for your help!