Hi this is the type of e-mails I get constantly from a group of ACCESS

Hello Shari,The room scheduler in the past was horrible. Ruth and I
had a hard time with it because scheduled events often
appeared/disappeared into the wrong room, for instance, I scheduled an
admin council meeting and the CHR holiday reception in room 343;somehow
it appeared in room 117. It was not very reliable. Ruth and I informed
Adrian about the problems we were experiencing. He says its your server
not his database this never happens in my Address and Labels database so
I don't understand.

Hi Shari:
Currently I open Room Scheduler from my desktop, then I minimize it to
the bar along the bottom of my screen. Often, when I have closed other
items that were open I find on my desktop a window telling me that ‘Room
Scheduler cannot connect to the server’ or a message similar to that
(this is the same message I have shown Adrian and you). Sometimes when
I enlarge Room Scheduler the word “Error” shows up on the actual page
that is open. When either of these happen, I just shut it down and
re-open it.Yesterday I found that several bookings that were done for
Keisha earlier in the semester are missing, but that is probably from
the earlier issues that have been remedied.

The database they are referencing was created in ACCESS by the Database
Manager here. The problem I face in trying to track down the solution is
that I have to communicate with the DB manager which is virtually
impossible because it's all Novell's fault because the DB's are acting

Number of users for this databases all faculty for the EPOW and 2 staff
for the Room Scheduler.
Mixed environment
MsOffice runs local to each workstation some use 2000 others XP.
Users have the following rights RWCEMF
USER Workstation OS is W2K and WXP