Hello to all and Happy Thanksgiving in advance. I hope this is the correct
group to post!
I have a question for a possible scenario in my work place.
First of all let me explain our system:
I have 2 netware 6.0 service pack 5 in my network. Both server are part of
the same tree. One is the primary and one the secondary server. I have a
different context for each server and each server object is under the
respective context.
Both server data volume are backed up every night.
My question is the following:

In the case of a server crash due to hard drive failure what are the step
suggested to restore the server?

Here is what I believe needs to be done but I would like to be sure and
maybe some good paper on it:

1. Delete any server objects in the tree and context.
2. Reinstall Netware 6.0 with service pack and back software.
3. Restore user directory folders and data volumes.

Missing anything???

Thank you in advance!