Last week two of our eDirectory/print servers locked up with a CPU Hog
Abend in NLSMETER.NLM. I had originally made the cache size roughly 20% of
the servers memory in the BTI.CFG file but didn't get round to rebooting
them. 143days later they both fell over a day after each other. Whilst
faffing around loading NDPSM, Broker, SophosAV and Compaq Agents
the things would lockup, sometimes loading NDPSM and hanging on loading a
printer during start-up. Eventually, unloading Sophos AV before doing
anything made everything happy.

I found a TID
10087846.htm which talks about stopping NLSMETER running altogether. Is
this possible or a good idea?
Please can someone explain why we're running it if its no longer needed???

Now, a secondary cause of one of these boxes falling over was that logins
failed and the network became slow (?). For the first one I was a case of
coincidence but the next
day the same apparent problem occurred. No-one could login. I have a MASTER
eDirectory server as well which host all replicas so that should have
answered w/station requests
but according to our helpdesk users couldn't login. The two servers above
do have the majority of replica's bar 2 or 3 but not got round to adding
them all and a few others contain
a replica pertaining to their department so that should happen. Once backup
everything was back to normal.

Now a witch hunt is underway as to why the above condition occurred.

Environment: Netware 6.0 servicepack5 edir 8.6.2 and most latest sp5 post
patches. Sophos is now a version 4.0 and compaq agents are from 7.10a pack.