I have a Server running Netware 6.5, Support Pack 3. The machine has 1 gig
of memory and a 52 gig hard drive with 32 gig free.

Over a month ago the system began abeding every Friday night with an error
message indicating a CPU hog. We got rid of that, but the system was still
crashing Friday night, only now the message in the Abend log pointed to a
Groupwise issue. Research in the Knowledgebase pointed to installing the
latest GroupWise service patch, so we did that. Now the Server no longer
crashes in Friday night, now it crashes on Saturday night. And now there is
no message in the Abend log; nothing. But in the Error log I get two listed
errors at the time the Server goes down. The first is; "The NETSHLD.NLM nlm
has registered a file system hook," followed by the code of the hook (There
are 12 of them). I understand this to be a non-critical error. The other
message, though is "The Network Address [the private ip address of our
BorderManager Server:0524] has been registered as an NCP Service Address."
That's all there is for a clue, nothing else. This has become a major
problem and I am at my wit's end for what to do to make the machine stable.
Does anyone have any suggestions?