Running 2 HS40's on an IBM Blade Center (seperate power domains), Novell
v6.5 with service pack 3.

First problem that arose was that when powering up the Disk spin delay in
the LSI has to be changed from the default of 2 seconds to at least 7
seconds. Before changing this we got Power faults and the systems would
not boot. This was with the HS40 with the SCSI side car and 2 176GB

However - my current problem. Servers boot fine, run fine - until you
switch either manually or through the IBM Blade Center remote manager
from one operating Novell 6.5 server to another. The server that was
under control then reports lose of mouse and keyboard. As soon as you
switch back to the server after the report of mouse loss the server
abends with "deadlock detected waiting for spinlock". Note - also
running HS20's in another Blade Center and moving from one to another
does not affect them, but if the HS40 is moved to that Blade Center then
same occurance applies. Problem seems to be confined to HS40 blades and
the Blade Center Management modules.

Any body have information or knowledge of this problem?

Bob Kulp