I am running 2 - Netware 5.1 Servers and reciently I decided to upgrade
the Service Pack to 8. I installed it on both servers and everything
seem to work fine... untill the employees showed up and the complaints
started pouring in! 15 to 20 of our programmers complained that their
access to the two servers was extremly slow and after checking a few of
them out I agreed. I tried for 6 unsuccessfull hours to fix it but I
could not figure it out. Finally the boss said he had to have it back
to the way it was (any help on this matter would be apreciated!!). So
I had no choice but to try and uninstall SP8 back to SP3, which I was
not to happy about. The uninstall completed on both servers and after
a reboot it appeared everything was back to normal (including the
speed), untill I ran DSRepair. It ran fine and had a couple of errors
on mail directories but no DS errors, but when I exited out, the server
had an abend shortly after. After a reboot I tried DSRepair on the
other server and the same abend occures. They are PIII 800Mhz XEON
Quad Procs w/ 1GB Ram running DS 8.77. I found some tech docs on it
saying I needed to aply the 8.77d DS patch but I cannot find a download
for it. I started to upgrade the DS to ver 8.85c but the docs on it say
I need SP6 or later and I am a little hesitent to install another SP.
Would it be safe to upgrade the DS without SP6 or does anyone have
download for DS 8.77d? I am thankful for any help that you can give