We have a small, two server network. Both servers run NW65sp3. One
server is currently setup as our primary file server. The other acts as
our email server (running GW6.5.4), web server (running Apache and mySQL)
and firewall (running BW3.8). Both servers are physically less then 18
months old and, until recently, ran just great. However, for the last
couple weeks our email/web/firewall server has inexplicably started to
just hang. It happens completely randomly. Some days it'll run just
fine. Other days it might hang 2 or 3 times. There are no abends or
anything like that. The system just stops. I can get to the NetWare
Debugger to restart the server so I know the server itself is still
running. But Netware itself just stops responding. You can't even ping
the server when it happens. Does anyone have any idea what might be
causing this or where I might start looking to try and get things resolved?