I have been running Netware 6.5 SP3 for about a year with virtually no
problems. I installed SP4 last week. When I reboot, I noticed an error
message on the logger Console as per the following:

Netware Configuration File Transfer Cache to DOS Error: 0X1
Validating CDBE Local Registry file ....
Building CDBE Local Cache ....

This error keeps repeating. After a week the server slowed down to a
crawl. The Utilization was very low, so the processor was not the issue.
Available cache memory was at 25%, which is a little lower than normal. A
fresh boot brings to about 45%. The slowdowns were most noticeably in
Groupwise 7. That seemed to be causing the issues at the workstations.
Very sluggish access to the server and especially in Groupwise. I reboot
the server and everything came back up and access was back up to speed.
The error keeps coming up on the console though. I've applied the NSS
Post SP4 update and the Post TCPIP update as well. I checked the DOS
partition and I have over 1GB of space left, so it is not running low on
disk space.

Any ideas ?