I have a server that was at NW6.0 SP5, inplace upgraded to OES Netware SP1
(Netware 6.5 sp4a). The server is a Dell Poweredge 2650 with 2GB RAM and
SCSI Raid 5 array, 2 Xeon Processor, HT disabled. There are not any 3rd
party apps running, running iManager 2.5. Basic File and Print server.
There was not any history of abends prior to upgrade. The server was
upgraded on 11/19, the abends occured on 12/3 and 12/10.
The last two weekends the server abended, I believe during full backup.
Backup is Legato Networker running on a Unix box, Networker agent running
on this server. It is also on three other OES Netware servers in my tree.
The abend scenario is the same as mentioned in a few other posts on this
The SYS$LOG.ERR shows messages about logical address space running low and
file cache maximum size being set to 1.588GB. About five minutes later, a
system message was sent that the VOL SYS was deactivated (seen on
workstation). A post in NSS.LOG at the same time shows POOL SYS and VOL
SYS have system data error. Four minutes later the server abends with a
Page Fault Processor Exection and EIP in ZLSS.NSS.
Previous posts indicate the possibility of corrupt data causing an abend,
so I ran NSS /POOLREBUILD on the sys pool, without error. I have not
posted the logs because I wanted to see if I get an abend again, and it
seems this is a "common" problem with sp4a. But I will be happy to if
someone feels it is useful.
Also, I sould like to add that on other similar posts, bad memory is being
attributed as the cause of these types of errors. I tend to disagree. I
have hardware that has been error free until upgrading to sp4a. It seems
a stretch to think all these different systems experiencing these
problems, have bad memory. It seems we are building a case that something
is wrong in the NSS modules, or maybe SMS, since backups seem to aggravate
the problem.
Regards, Rich Macaluso