I'll try to make this short. We have 11 NW6.5 SP3 servers. Last Sunday one
of the servers went down and the error message on the screen monday was
the error about insufficient disk space or missing files -618. We rebooted
but no one could log in. I researched the problem in knowledgebase and we
tried the dsrepair with and without DS being loaded. Then I had to report
for jury duty and my techs kept trying repairs. Eventually they decided to
remove DS and re-install. Only they reinstalled into the Extend container.
Now we're limping along but I have to clear the "not-logged-in"
connections every few minutes in order for people to be able to login to
that server. this server does not contain the master replica but a
partition and read-write replica.

The server object is now in both the context container and the Extend
container, but only the one in the Extend is "up". I tried removing the
replica with Console One and it's now in the "dying" state (after 2 days).
Sync error -625.

I've poured over the TIDs and manuals but I'm still confused about how I
can correct this situation. Can someone tell me or point me to a step by
step process for fixing this? Please. I'm getting desperate!