I got my first abend today. The server is a 6.5 SP4a running live since last
sunday. No problem until today.
The only change made was on ARCserve 11.1 after calling CA's tech. suupoort.

I had to add these lines to my ASCONFIG.INI

[NetWare Backup/Restore]
UseMultipleReadThreads=FALSE ;default is TRUE
PerformanceNonNakoma=TRUE ;default in FALSE

The NW console had the following message before the abend:

"Server logical address space is running low. File Cache Maximum Size has
been set to 1073741824."

The server didn't hang or restart. I just restarted it manually. The abend
log included mentions CIFSPROX.NLM. I am not using CIFS, maybe I should just
turn it off.

Thank you for your help.