Proliant ML350 G4 4 Gig ram. Upgraded from 6.0 SP5 to 6.5 SP4a. Seeing cache memory allocator and logical space messages. I've attached segstats.txt, config.txt and bti.cfg file from this morning.... Server is rebooting on its own when it runs out of cache memory. It was every 4 hours in line with the Gwise Indexer - but the real issue is the cache memory problem. I have changed the BTI.CFG cachesize setting down to 150000 and restarted ARCserve 11.1 to see if that is what's grabbing all of the cache - time will tell. However, we have upgraded probably 25 servers now that are basically identical to this one and this is the first one rebooting on its own - others just still get the logical space errors no matter what we set the -u to (and errors started only after adding MORE memory to them). I do not see any NLMs leaking - we had already found an old Powerchute NLM leaking and have remmed that from all servers.

Any thoughts?

Thanks - April