Hi folks,

I have a Dell Poweredge 1750 with a Powervault 220S hung off the back side
of it running NetWare 6.5 SP2. The SYS volume is raid 1 and physically
located in the 1750. The DATA volume is raid 5 and physically located in
the Powervault 220S ( a total of 8 drives ).

On 12/24/05 18:00 the Brightstor ARCserve Backup v11.1 log shows a failure
to receive data from the client agent. ARCserve was near the end of it's
full backup of this volume ( the job is multi-plexed ). The server had
'multiple abends on processor 0' at the top of the screen with garbage text
filling the rest and it was in multiple colours, very pretty really. Not
your normal abend though. The server was not reachable in any way that I
could find and appeared to be locked ( remote console, at the keyboard,
ping, nothing worked ). 5 of the 8 drives in the Powervault were blinking
their orange LEDs, not good. I cold booted the whole thing, crossing my
fingers. The PERC controller reports 2 logical drives found, 1 failed. I
hit ctrl-alt-del because I missed the prompt to get into the PERC
controller. This time it reports 0 logical drives found. Call Dell, the
PERC controller has lost its configuration. The 5 drives that were failing
show 0 media errors and hundreds of other errors. The Dell rep thinks the
other errors were caused when the failure occurred ( at this point they
think a power supply went out, but that turns out to be incorrect ). I
Copied the config from the drives to NVRAM ( which was empty ), recreated
the DATA array and rebooted. Everything is ducky.

Except it's not. Since the failure I have received the follow pair of
errors 11 times. It seems to be related to the backup, though two sets of
the errors ( judging by the timestamps ) fall between sessions, though the
timing is within minutes.

12-30-2005 1:33:22 am: COMN-3.22-178
Severity = 5 Locus = 3 Class = 0
NSS-2.70-5009: Pool RKK61/DATA had an error
(20012(beastTree.c[506])) at block 22451084(file block -22451084)(ZID 1).

12-30-2005 1:33:22 am: COMN-3.22-180
Severity = 5 Locus = 3 Class = 0
NSS-2.70-5008: Volume RKK61/DATA had an error
(20012(beastTree.c[506])) at block 22451084(file block -22451084)(ZID 1).

How to proceed is the question, I've seen some stuff about verifying and
rebuilding the data pool though I am reluctant since some folks have
reported data loss.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Good day.