I have loaded the trial version Netware 6.5.

I am doing the Novell training 3016 CNA in Sydney Australia.

I have had it running successfully on my home computers. I set up one as
a server and the one I am sending to you on as a client.

I did the default thing with the course and am still logging in as
admin with a password of novell.

However, now when I go to do that it comes up with:

(Error -669) An invalid password was used, authentication failed; one
server tried to synchronize with another one but the target server's
database was locked, or a problem exists with the remote ID or the public

I have searched you knowledge base on this issue but the only suggestion
there was to do something that appears to require that you are logged in
somewhere in the network and I can't.

Any ideas?
Thanks from Shaun in Australia