I see a strange behaviour on my NWOESSp1 Dual-Processor-Server. After
running for several days (sometimes 3 days, sometimes 1-2 weeks) the
authentification screen of the screensaver (server console) doesn't appear
anymore. So it's not possible anymore to enter the server console. The worms
are still moving and the length of the worms indicate a low cpu-utilisation.
On this machine this effect corresponds with crash of nfs-services. All
other services are still running well and there is no abend.
Other servers with same configuration but only one processor don't show this
effect. Maybe it depends on the dual-processor-system ?

Any help is being welcome.
Is it possible to log events/erros of nfs-service ?

Cheers, k.

2 x 1000 MHz Pentium III Board
2 GB Ram