Is anyone aware of any problems with NetWare v.6.5 running on a server
with 4 Gb. of RAM??

I had a problem with a Dell server a while ago in which I was
getting "Insufficient Memory" error messages in the backup software
(ArcServe) there was not sufficient server memory to allocate more to the
TBU software, so I upgraded the server from 2 Gb to 4 Gb. I reconfigured
the software to assign more RAM to the backuyp application and everything
seemed to work OK.

Then one of my staff said that he had experienced abends on the servers
and after troubleshooting the system, he removed the new memory and the
problem went away. Unfortunately, he just told me this and the problem
occurred several months ago.

He said that someone at Novell said there was a problem with NW 6.5
running on 4 Gb. of memory, but I cannot find any mention of any such
problems. Info, anyone??