Greetings all,

Hope everyone had a good week.

I have an odd problem......I upgraded 11 servers up to sp4a last weekend.

Today I got this message on the console.
Server logical address space is running low. Increase the available logical
space by setting File Cache Maximum Size to 1549208476

The thing is I have File Cache Maximum Size set to 2147483648 (in the

The other strange thing is from NORM and the memory config page it
Tune Logical Address Space
Recommended Set Parameter Changes
Set Parameter Current Value New Value
File Cache Maximum Size 2,147,483,648 1,073,741,824 Change

Restart the server after making the changes using the following command:

server -u789000000

Why does it want me to set it back to 1GB?
I have not restarted the server with the -u789000000.
The server is still running but I fear that it will run out of memory.

This has only happened on 1 out if 11 so far.
The server is NetWare 6.5 sp4a and is running ZenWorks 6.5(sp1b ??)
It has about 400 windows machine logging in using DLU.

I could use your input on what I should do.

Thank you,