Server Abends each time that i down the Groupwise 6.5 GWIA Agent after
Groupwise Support Pack 5 update.

Netware 6 SP5
Groupwise 6.5


Server ACCSABM halted Saturday, January 14, 2006 1:17:54.734 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.60.05: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error
code 00000000)

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = 9200DB76 EBX = 00000000 ECX = 950D771C EDX = 9200DB72
ESI = 95333060 EDI = 95335140 EBP = 950D7770 ESP = 950D7768
EIP = 8D94113E FLAGS = 00010282
8D94113E 8B4012 MOV EAX,[EAX+12]=?
EIP in WVCORE.NLM at code start +0000113Eh
Access Location: 0x9200DB88

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
8D94113E 8B4012 MOV EAX,[EAX+12]
8D941141 8945F8 MOV [EBP-08],EAX
8D941144 EB07 JMP 8D94114D
8D941146 C745F800000000 MOV [EBP-08],00000000
8D94114D 8B45F8 MOV EAX,[EBP-08]
8D941150 C9 LEAVE
8D941151 5F POP EDI
8D941152 5E POP ESI
8D941153 5B POP EBX
8D941154 C3 RET

Running process: gwia__P 1 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: GWIA.NLM
Stack pointer: 950D6A88
OS Stack limit: 950D0CA0
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 3030070 Yielded CPU
Stack: --00000020 ?
--9200DB72 ?
--950D7794 ?
--95335140 ?
--95333060 ?
--00000000 ?
8D944113 (WVCORE.NLM|SNEnterCriticalSection+20)
--80000061 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000024 ?
--95333060 ?
--950D78C8 ?
--95335140 ?
--95333060 ?
--00000000 ?
910668EB (SCCFA.NLM|FADeInit+A1)
--80000061 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--950D7780 ?
--950D78BC ?
--95333060 ?
--95335140 ?
--950D78C8 ?
910668B9 (SCCFA.NLM|FADeInit+6F)
--950D77A8 ?
--00100010 (SERVER.NLM|1MEG-1+11)
--00100008 (SERVER.NLM|1MEG-1+9)
--00000010 ?
-00442A38 (SERVER.NLM|AllocSizeTable+0)
--938D0E00 (ACLCHECK.NLM|ATBModuleHandle+83B4)
--95335140 ?
--95335140 ?
--95335140 ?
--0000001E ?
--95335140 ?
--43C915CA ?
--95335140 ?
--95335140 ?
--95335140 ?
--00000002 ?
--95335140 ?
--95335140 ?
--0E0007D6 ?
--260B0D06 ?
--00000000 ?
--0E0007D6 ?
--95499800 ?
--CDFE7DC0 ?
--00000246 ?
0029E8E8 (SERVER.NLM|UnRegisterEventNotification+1C4)
--00000246 ?
00216AD3 (SERVER.NLM|kSemaphoreWait+3F)
--9515D660 ?
--950D78AC ?
--95335140 ?
--95333064 ?
--95335140 ?
--95335140 ?
94D8ED02 (GWIA.NLM|GweDestroyGlobalContext+10A)
--95335140 ?
--00000001 ?
--953281C0 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--950D78AC ?
--953333E0 ?
--950D7A34 ?
--950D78BC ?
--950D78B0 ?
--950D78B4 ?
--950D78B8 ?
0022D77F (SERVER.NLM|kGetThreadStackInfo+37)
--950CE1A0 ?
--950D78B4 ?
--950D78B8 ?
--950D7A1C ?
--950D7788 ?
C8971CF8 (THREADS.NLM|FreeQueryServicesList+2518)
--950CE1A0 ?
--950D78B4 ?
--950D78B8 ?
-910680B0 (SCCFA.NLM|(Data Start)+B0)
-910680B2 (SCCFA.NLM|(Data Start)+B2)
-910680B6 (SCCFA.NLM|(Data Start)+B6)
--00000138 ?
--00000000 ?
--950D7A1C ?
--95335140 ?
--95333060 ?
--00000000 ?
910B6678 (SCCDA.NLM|DADeInit+172)
--00000001 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000001 ?
--00000000 ?

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in WVCORE.NLM. The
problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a
process owned by GWIA.NLM.

Loaded Modules:
LCMCIFS2.NLM Windows Native File Access Login Methods (Build 54 SP)
Version 2.00.05 November 17, 2003
Code Address: 95EE1000h Length: 0000E011h
Data Address: 95F5A000h Length: 000016B0h
NPKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.70 December 3, 2003
Code Address: 95EFD000h Length: 0002D2E7h
Data Address: 95F2C000h Length: 00015843h
LSMCIFS2.NLM Windows Native File Access Login Methods (Build 66 SP)
Version 2.00.07 November 17, 2003
Code Address: 93D7C000h Length: 0000E7B1h
Data Address: 934CB000h Length: 00001750h
TCPSTATS.NLM Web Interface for Protocol Monitoring
Version 6.00.16 November 12, 2003
Code Address: 95A2F000h Length: 0000DDECh
Data Address: 95A3E000h Length: 00005440h
NBMLDAP NMAS LDAP METHOD - LDAP Authentication Server Method
Version 5.00.13 August 13, 2003
Code Address: 95DFC000h Length: 00002444h
Data Address: 95E00000h Length: 00000BB4h
LDAPSSL.NLM NetWare SSL Library for LDAP SDK (Clib version)
Version 3.02 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 95D43000h Length: 0005F361h
Data Address: 95DA4000h Length: 000187DDh
NLSADPT2.NLM NLS and Metering adapter for iManager 2.0 plugin
Version 2.00 September 9, 2003
Code Address: 95A50000h Length: 0000665Dh
Data Address: 95A58000h Length: 00000E7Dh
NLSADAPT.NLM NLSAPI Remote Adapter for NetConsole
Version 1.02 November 15, 2001
Code Address: 954CB000h Length: 00002CDDh
Data Address: 954CF000h Length: 000007A5h
LSMAFP3.NLM Macintosh Native File Access Login Methods (Build 97 SP)
Version 2.00.10 November 11, 2003
Code Address: 959A6000h Length: 0000F22Eh
Data Address: 959B7000h Length: 000013C0h
Version 1.04 December 3, 2003
Code Address: 95982000h Length: 00000BC8h
Data Address: 95984000h Length: 00000098h
NLSLRUP.NLM NLS - Usage Metering
Version 4.01.06 March 16, 2004
Code Address: 95907000h Length: 0003BA0Ah
Data Address: 95500000h Length: 00010AE0h
BRDMON.NLM Border Service SNMP/NCP Monitor NLM PXY038_2
Version 3.80.18 September 4, 2003
Code Address: 95478000h Length: 00001C1Eh
Data Address: 9547B000h Length: 00007168h
LSMCIFS.NLM NMAS Login Server Module for CIFS - MS Windows File
System for NetWare
Version 1.20 March 5, 2003
Code Address: 9537C000h Length: 0000EB2Ah
Data Address: 95344000h Length: 00001610h
HWDETECT.NLM Novell Hardware Insertion/Removal Detection
Version 1.18.07 June 24, 2003
Code Address: 9580E000h Length: 00002B23h
Data Address: 95812000h Length: 00000D40h
Version 2.00 June 16, 2003
Code Address: 957DC000h Length: 0000D661h
Data Address: 957EB000h Length: 00001360h
JNDPS.NLM Native Wrapper Java Class Libraries for NDPS
Version 4.00 May 15, 2004
Code Address: 957B0000h Length: 0000E40Dh
Data Address: 957C0000h Length: 00002214h
DPLSV386.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x Distributed Print Library - DPLSV386
Version 1.11 May 21, 2004
Code Address: 9587B000h Length: 0005F9FCh
Data Address: 958DD000h Length: 00006454h
NIPPED.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x INF File Editing Library - NIPPED
Version 1.03.04 May 28, 2004
Code Address: 95858000h Length: 000052C0h
Data Address: 9585F000h Length: 0000016Ch
Version 3.00.14 June 11, 2003
Code Address: 95767000h Length: 00005314h
Data Address: 9576E000h Length: 00001F20h
BTCPCOM.NLM BTCPCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 253
Version 7.90 July 9, 2003
Code Address: 95548000h Length: 00004450h
Data Address: 9554E000h Length: 00000CECh
IPXF.NLM IPX Fragmentation Layer
Version 3.10.01 May 19, 1998
Code Address: 95148000h Length: 000017D9h
Data Address: 9514B000h Length: 00004180h
GWIA.NLM GroupWise Internet Agent (release version)
Version 6.05.05 September 23, 2005
Code Address: 94D69000h Length: 001CC445h
Data Address: 94F37000h Length: 00058CCDh
Version 2.00 June 16, 2003
Code Address: 94D3A000h Length: 0000E3D1h
Data Address: 94D4A000h Length: 00001370h
NPKIT.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.70 December 3, 2003
Code Address: 94CDF000h Length: 00021EB0h
Data Address: 94D02000h Length: 0001B08Fh
NTLS.NLM Novell TLS Library
Version 10610.02 October 30, 2003
Code Address: 94B53000h Length: 00076CB6h
Data Address: 94BCB000h Length: 0002DDBFh
LLDAPSDK.NLM LDAP SDK Library (LibC version)
Version 3.01 November 13, 2003
Code Address: 94A4D000h Length: 0001CEBBh
Data Address: 94A6B000h Length: 0000611Ch
NBMALERT.NLM Novell Border Manager Alert Utility BM35_G.01
Version 1.05.01 May 19, 1999
Code Address: 9421D000h Length: 00003AB5h
Data Address: 94222000h Length: 000012C0h
TOOLBOX.NLM Utility Toolbox for NetWare 4 & 5
Version 2.15 February 13, 2002
Code Address: 90389000h Length: 000167EBh
Data Address: 8F45B000h Length: 0000DFEDh
JCLNT.NLM NetWare JClient-Native (Build 1.1.1042)
Version 1.01 November 29, 2001
Code Address: 92187000h Length: 0001B741h
Data Address: 921A4000h Length: 0000AD60h
JCLNTR.NLM NetWare JClient-Native Resources (Build 1.1.1042)
Version 1.01 November 29, 2001
Code Address: 92138000h Length: 00002161h
Data Address: 9213C000h Length: 0000086Ch
BSPXCOM.NLM BSPXCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 253
Version 7.90 April 15, 2003
Code Address: 9210D000h Length: 0000530Ah
Data Address: 92114000h Length: 00000BB0h
BRDSRV.NLM Novell Border Server Service NLM PXY060
Version 3.60.04 September 19, 2003
Code Address: 91F8B000h Length: 00002A6Fh
Data Address: 91F8F000h Length: 00001460h
LIC_API.NLM License APIs IP020A.G03
Version 2.01 June 30, 1997
Code Address: 8F200000h Length: 000019D8h
Data Address: 8F203000h Length: 000007E8h
SCCLO.NLM HTML Export Localization Module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 8F1FE000h Length: 000002F0h
Data Address: 920A9000h Length: 0000C380h
PROXY.NLM Novell Internet Proxy Server NLM PXY070
Version 4.01.22 June 4, 2004
Code Address: 939E4000h Length: 000C5ED4h
Data Address: 93AAC000h Length: 00065540h
AUTHCHK.NLM Novell Background Authentication NLM
Version 3.70.08 February 27, 2004
Code Address: 934E0000h Length: 0000206Dh
Data Address: 934E4000h Length: 000049B0h
PROXYCFG.NLM Novell Proxy Configuration NLM PXY062
Version 4.00.06 February 11, 2004
Code Address: 93501000h Length: 00013E12h
Data Address: 93516000h Length: 00004554h
Version 4.70.17 July 6, 2004
Code Address: 937F4000h Length: 0001D282h
Data Address: 93813000h Length: 000B5A50h
NWSCAUX.NLM NetWare Web Search Configuration Auxiliary Module
Version 2.10.02 September 6, 2001
Code Address: 922D8000h Length: 00001D0Bh
Data Address: 922DB000h Length: 00001AFDh
SCCDA.NLM HTML Export Data Access Module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 910B6000h Length: 00007400h
Data Address: 910BF000h Length: 000003B0h
SCCFA.NLM HTML Export Filter Access Module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 91064000h Length: 00002EA0h
Data Address: 91068000h Length: 000003F0h
SCCCH.NLM HTML Export Chunker Module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 9103B000h Length: 0000B160h
Data Address: 91048000h Length: 00000680h
SCCFI.NLM HTML Export File Identification Module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 90FFB000h Length: 00010F10h
Data Address: 9100D000h Length: 00002580h
SCCUT.NLM HTML Export Utility Module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 903D7000h Length: 000311C0h
Data Address: 90F71000h Length: 000107A0h
WVCORE.NLM wvcore module
Version 8.00 April 11, 2005
Code Address: 8D940000h Length: 0000CE90h
Data Address: 9042A000h Length: 00041390h
NDSIMON.NLM NDS iMonitor 1.5.5
Version 10220.02 October 17, 2002
Code Address: 90015000h Length: 000BD041h
Data Address: 900D4000h Length: 0004B5CEh
JNET.NLM Java jnet (based on 1.4.2_04)
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 8F0EB000h Length: 0000640Eh
Data Address: 8F0F3000h Length: 00001110h
GWENN4.NLM GroupWise Engine (release version)
Version 6.05.05 September 23, 2005
Code Address: 9279C000h Length: 004715B0h
Data Address: 92C0F000h Length: 000D1CDAh
GWXIS10.NLM XML Integration Service
Version 1.00.01 November 8, 2004
Code Address: 92335000h Length: 000EEE55h
Data Address: 92425000h Length: 0005FC48h
JSTCP.NLM Jetstream TCP Transport Layer (Build 368 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: 91A65000h Length: 00004E90h
Data Address: 91A6B000h Length: 000001E0h
JSMSG.NLM Jetstream Message Layer (Build 376 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: 91A81000h Length: 00006350h
Data Address: 91A89000h Length: 00000220h
DFSLIB.NLM DFS Common Library (Build 281 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: 9168E000h Length: 000005C3h
Data Address: 91690000h Length: 00000080h
NAMED.NLM Novell DNS Server
Version 5.12.06 May 11, 2004
Code Address: 90E40000h Length: 0002654Ch
Data Address: 90E68000h Length: 0000E3B0h
CSATPXY.NLM CS Audit Trail Proxy Agent
Version 2.10.02 May 11, 2004
Code Address: 90E0C000h Length: 000023CCh
Data Address: 90E10000h Length: 00000B10h
CSAUDIT.NLM CSLIB: Audit Trail Facility
Version 3.05 April 5, 1999
Code Address: 90D64000h Length: 00009F04h
Data Address: 90D70000h Length: 0000169Ch
MOD_JK.NLM Apache 1.3 plugin for Tomcat
Version 1.02.05 September 5, 2003
Code Address: 90CC3000h Length: 0000DE4Eh
Data Address: 90CD2000h Length: 000063F4h
AFREECON.NLM AdRem Free Remote Console (NCPE)
Version 5.00 July 22, 2005
Code Address: 8D908000h Length: 00005A8Dh
Data Address: 8D90F000h Length: 00002490h
ZIP.NLM Java zip (based on 1.4.2_04)
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 90C61000h Length: 0000AD8Ch
Data Address: 90C6D000h Length: 00001B90h
LIBWINC.NLM (libwinc) eTrust Antivirus Win32 emulation library
Version 7.01 August 27, 2004
Code Address: 90B71000h Length: 0001FC8Dh
Data Address: 90B92000h Length: 0000A94Ch
NETDB.NLM Network Database Access Module
Version 4.10.26 June 27, 2003
Code Address: 8DC04000h Length: 00013933h
Data Address: 8D975000h Length: 000025FCh
Version 1.00 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 8D8E4000h Length: 00000868h
Data Address: 8D8E6000h Length: 000004A8h
JVMLIB.NLM Java jvmlib (based on 1.4.2_04)
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 8D790000h Length: 000170D4h
Data Address: 8D7A9000h Length: 00008670h
MOD_NDS.NLM NDS Authentication Module
Version 1.01.01 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 8D07F000h Length: 00001CE3h
Data Address: 8D082000h Length: 00000ECCh
VERIFY.NLM Java verify (based on 1.4.2_04)
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 8D6F3000h Length: 00008774h
Data Address: 8D6FD000h Length: 00001BC0h
MOD_LCGI.NLM Apache LCGI Gateway
Version 1.00 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 8D6EF000h Length: 00000EB3h
Data Address: 8D6F1000h Length: 00000368h
NSLCGI.NLM LCGI support library
Version 5.20 April 9, 2001
Code Address: 8D62C000h Length: 00009C6Dh
Data Address: 8D637000h Length: 00002E1Eh
CSSYSMSG.NLM CSLIB: System Messages Facility
Version 1.01.08 March 18, 1999
Code Address: 8D4AF000h Length: 00010A57h
Data Address: 8D31C000h Length: 00004298h
JVM.NLM Java Hotspot 1.4.2_04 Interpreter
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 9050C000h Length: 00214CCFh
Data Address: 90722000h Length: 00060590h
APACHE.NLM Apache Web Server
Version 1.03 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 904C2000h Length: 000000DDh
Data Address: 904C4000h Length: 00000048h
Version 1.03 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 90479000h Length: 0003106Bh
Data Address: 904AC000h Length: 0001472Eh
JSOCK6X.NLM NetWare 6.x Support For Java Sockets (JDK 1.4.2)
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 8FFF9000h Length: 0000DCD8h
Data Address: 90008000h Length: 000027E4h
JAVA.NLM java.nlm (based on 1.4.2_04) Build 04061513
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 8FEFE000h Length: 00033925h
Data Address: 8FDBD000h Length: 0000C508h
JSOCK.NLM Support For Java Sockets (loader)
Version 1.42.03 June 15, 2004
Code Address: 8FD9F000h Length: 00000086h
Data Address: 8FDA1000h Length: 00000064h
MONITOR.NLM NetWare Console Monitor
Version 12.01.09 May 5, 2004
Code Address: 8FE25000h Length: 00022AAFh
Data Address: 8FDCE000h Length: 00005ED1h
NWSNUT.NLM NetWare NLM Utility User Interface
Version 7.00 June 22, 2004
Code Address: 8FDF8000h Length: 00013417h
Data Address: 8FE0D000h Length: 000006F8h
NLSTRAP.NLM NetWare License Server Trap
Version 5.02 February 19, 2004
Code Address: 8FD04000h Length: 0000298Ah
Data Address: 8FD08000h Length: 00000695h
Version 5.02 July 31, 2001
Code Address: 8FC6C000h Length: 00071D97h
Data Address: 8FCDF000h Length: 00006FB4h
SAS.NLM Secure Authentication Services
Version 1.75 March 13, 2004
Code Address: 8FB81000h Length: 00056640h
Data Address: 8F837000h Length: 0001E890h
PORTAL.NLM NetWare Remote Manager NLM
Version 2.00.04 May 27, 2004
Code Address: 8F88C000h Length: 000B1039h
Data Address: 8F93F000h Length: 00047344h
NWIDK.NLM CDWare Volume Module
Version 3.01.01 September 19, 2003
Code Address: 8F4C4000h Length: 00004640h
Data Address: 8F09E000h Length: 00000730h
WSPSSL.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for SSL
Version 6.21 March 22, 2004
Code Address: 8F072000h Length: 000062CBh
Data Address: 8F07A000h Length: 000108BFh
HTTPSTK.NLM Novell Small Http Interface
Version 2.02 March 26, 2004
Code Address: 8F4CE000h Length: 00019B3Ch
Data Address: 8F4E9000h Length: 00012DB0h
NILE.NLM Novell Secure Socket Services NLM
Version 2.01.03 December 15, 2003
Code Address: 8F3CC000h Length: 0005454Bh
Data Address: 8F422000h Length: 0001F620h
PKI.NLM Novell Certificate Server
Version 2.70.01 December 3, 2003
Code Address: 8F2C5000h Length: 00082C65h
Data Address: 8F349000h Length: 0003CA40h
PKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.23 October 22, 2003
Code Address: 8F191000h Length: 00036D91h
Data Address: 8F1CA000h Length: 00006444h
LDAPSDK.NLM LDAP SDK Library (Clib version)
Version 3.02 May 10, 2004
Code Address: 8F126000h Length: 0001DF9Bh
Data Address: 8F145000h Length: 000067EDh
NWUTIL.NLM Novell Utility Library NLM ()
Version 1.03.05 November 21, 2003
Code Address: 8D2E8000h Length: 000128D8h
Data Address: 8F10B000h Length: 00019D14h
ODINEB.NLM Novell ODI to Novell Event Bus Interface Module
Version 1.10 August 13, 1999
Code Address: 8D175000h Length: 000012E9h
Data Address: 8D178000h Length: 0000077Ch
IPXRTRNM.NLM IPX Router Network Management
Version 6.60 June 24, 1998
Code Address: 8F00D000h Length: 0000C223h
Data Address: 8F01B000h Length: 000043C0h
IPXRTR.NLM IPX NLSP Router Production_02Dec2001
Version 6.70.01 December 3, 2001
Code Address: 8EF7B000h Length: 00047B7Eh
Data Address: 8EFC4000h Length: 00017B10h
Version 2.09 April 15, 2004
Code Address: 8EA49000h Length: 0000385Ah
Data Address: 8EA4E000h Length: 0000108Ch
NSPDNS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service Providers
Version 6.20.03 September 8, 2003
Code Address: 8EA3A000h Length: 00002527h
Data Address: 8EA3E000h Length: 000004E4h
WSPIP.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
Version 6.21.04 June 4, 2004
Code Address: 8DB7C000h Length: 0000F024h
Data Address: 8DB8D000h Length: 0000226Ch
NCPIP.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IP
Version 5.64 May 11, 2004
Code Address: 8EB81000h Length: 00014859h
Data Address: 8EB97000h Length: 000021A0h
BSDSOCK.NLM Novell BSDSOCK Module (Domestic)
Version 6.20.04 June 18, 2004
Code Address: 8DD06000h Length: 0000C6F9h
Data Address: 8DD14000h Length: 0000BA80h
TCPIP.NLM Novell TCP/IP/IPSec Module (Domestic) NICI Enabled
Version 6.20.06 June 2, 2004
Code Address: 8DA78000h Length: 00073E34h
Data Address: 8DAEE000h Length: 00038B40h
TCP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (Domestic)
Version 6.20.02 March 23, 2004
Code Address: 8D985000h Length: 000294ABh
Data Address: 8D9B0000h Length: 0008A590h
Version 6.03.01 October 7, 2002
Code Address: 8D7B9000h Length: 00008CFCh
Data Address: 8D7C3000h Length: 000D08C0h
Version 4.21 December 7, 1999
Code Address: 8D6C3000h Length: 000003CCh
Data Address: 8D6C5000h Length: 000024E0h
DEBUGLOG.NLM Debug Log NLM (IP0200.G05)
Version 1.00 July 14, 1997
Code Address: 8D64A000h Length: 00000D5Ah
Data Address: 8D64C000h Length: 000005D4h
AT29XX.LAN Allied Telesyn AT-29xx Series Gigabit Ethernet
Version 1.32 September 19, 2002
Code Address: 8D4C5000h Length: 0000C328h
Data Address: 1CE6A000h Length: 00007160h
3C90XC.LAN 3COM Etherlink PCI
Version 5.44.01 October 21, 2002
Code Address: 8D482000h Length: 00009523h
Data Address: 1C8C9000h Length: 000029F8h
ETHERTSM.NLM Novell Ethernet Topology Specific Module
Version 3.89 January 27, 2003
Code Address: 8D3AD000h Length: 000024D7h
Data Address: 8D3A2000h Length: 000002BCh
MSM.NLM Novell Multi-Processor Media Support Module
Version 4.10 January 24, 2003
Code Address: 8D472000h Length: 0000E5B3h
Data Address: 8D393000h Length: 00003DCCh
NMAS.NLM Novell Modular Authentication Service
Version 2.65 December 3, 2003
Code Address: 8D3EB000h Length: 00032FB8h
Data Address: 8D41F000h Length: 00007B10h
SPMNWCC.NLM Novell SPM Client for NWCC
Version 1.01 December 3, 2003
Code Address: 8D3D6000h Length: 000108CEh
Data Address: 8D3E8000h Length: 00001340h
CSL.NLM NetWare Call Support Layer For NetWare
Version 2.06.02 January 13, 2000
Code Address: 8D334000h Length: 0000CB32h
Data Address: 8D342000h Length: 000028F4h
Version 4.10.01 February 12, 1998
Code Address: 8D2A9000h Length: 00001C95h
Data Address: 8D2AC000h Length: 000000ECh
Global Code Address: 8D2AE000h Length: 00001000h
GAMS.NLM Graded Authentication Management Service
Version 1.13.01 June 21, 2002
Code Address: 8D28D000h Length: 0000DB85h
Data Address: 8D29C000h Length: 000012C0h
SNMP.NLM Netware 4.x/5.x/6.x SNMP Service
Version 4.17 January 23, 2004
Code Address: 8D252000h Length: 00014070h
Data Address: 8D268000h Length: 000031E0h
TLI.NLM NetWare Transport Level Interface Library
Version 4.30.02 December 19, 2000
Code Address: 8D21F000h Length: 00003859h
Data Address: 8D224000h Length: 00000164h
Global Code Address: 8D226000h Length: 00001000h
Global Data Address: 8D228000h Length: 00002000h
CONLOG.NLM System Console Logger
Version 3.00.02 November 26, 2002
Code Address: 8D1B7000h Length: 000020DCh
Data Address: 8D1BB000h Length: 00001CC0h
NWBSRVCM.NLM NWBSRVCM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90 March 20, 2001
Code Address: 8D153000h Length: 00006776h
Data Address: 8D15B000h Length: 00000AD0h
Version 7.90 March 21, 2001
Code Address: 8D12C000h Length: 000013BFh
Data Address: 8D12F000h Length: 00000980h
DXEVENT.NLM DirXML Event Module for Novell eDirectory 8.6.1
Version 10210.42 December 4, 2001
Code Address: 8D0EF000h Length: 00019251h
Data Address: 8D10A000h Length: 0000B484h
CONNAUD.NLM NLS - Connection Metering
Version 3.15 May 12, 2004
Code Address: 8D0C8000h Length: 00003453h
Data Address: 8D0CD000h Length: 00000A9Ch
NLSMETER.NLM NLS - Software Usage Metering Database
Version 3.41 February 19, 2004
Code Address: 8D099000h Length: 0000E4D7h
Data Address: 8D0A9000h Length: 0000759Ch
Version 7.94 December 11, 2001
Code Address: CF925000h Length: 00053D55h
Data Address: CF97A000h Length: 0000F784h
Version 1.05 March 14, 2001
Code Address: CF8C5000h Length: 0000D920h
Data Address: CF8D4000h Length: 000078D4h
NWENC103.NLM NWENC103.NLM v7.90.000 (Text Encoding Conversion Library)
Version 7.90 February 24, 2001
Code Address: CF598000h Length: 0004D0F5h
Data Address: CF5E7000h Length: 001B0208h
NWAIF103.NLM nwaif103.nlm v7.94, Build 251 ()
Version 7.94 November 30, 2001
Code Address: CF302000h Length: 00010E51h
Data Address: CF314000h Length: 00006828h
NSPSAP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM NSPSAP.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20.02 September 8, 2003
Code Address: CF2A8000h Length: 00001EE7h
Data Address: CF2AB000h Length: 00000610h
PSVCS.NLM Portability Services
Version 251.00 November 30, 2001
Code Address: CF24B000h Length: 0001270Fh
Data Address: CF25F000h Length: 00009464h
WSPIPX.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for IPX and SPX
Version 6.21 March 22, 2004
Code Address: CF1FE000h Length: 0000DB09h
Data Address: CF20D000h Length: 00001762h
Version 5.60 January 22, 2004
Code Address: CF154000h Length: 000056BFh
Data Address: CF1AD000h Length: 00001308h
Version 5.02 January 7, 2003
Code Address: CE48C000h Length: 0000A51Bh
Data Address: CE498000h Length: 00001B00h
Version 5.02 August 7, 2003
Code Address: CF0F3000h Length: 000124DBh
Data Address: CF107000h Length: 000022A4h
NLSLSP.NLM NLS - License Service Provider
Version 5.02 March 16, 2004
Code Address: CF022000h Length: 0006A5A7h
Data Address: CF08E000h Length: 0001F75Ch
IPXSPX.NLM NetWare IPX/SPX Protocol Stack NLM
Version 5.60 November 21, 2001
Code Address: CEFAB000h Length: 0000FC52h
Data Address: CEFBD000h Length: 00009A3Ah
NSPNDS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPNDS.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20 November 12, 2001
Code Address: CEE7D000h Length: 00006547h
Data Address: CEE85000h Length: 00000518h
CALNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCalls Runtime Library
Version 6.00 June 3, 2004
Code Address: CEDE2000h Length: 0001B649h
Data Address: CEDFF000h Length: 00000510h
DS.NLM Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP
Version 10350.30 December 15, 2003
Code Address: CE4A9000h Length: 00207E39h
Data Address: CE14A000h Length: 00057182h
ROLLCALL.NLM RollCall NLM (101, API 1.0)
Version 5.00 July 27, 1998
Code Address: CE0B8000h Length: 0000055Dh
Data Address: CE0BA000h Length: 000002D4h
SAL.NLM Novell System Abstraction Layer Version 2.1.0
Version 10210.65 February 21, 2003
Code Address: CE0C5000h Length: 0000999Ch
Data Address: CE0D0000h Length: 00001300h
NDSAUDIT.NLM Directory Services Audit
Version 2.09 May 22, 2003
Code Address: CE09A000h Length: 00010844h
Data Address: CE0AC000h Length: 00002ED0h
POLIMGR.NLM NetWare License Policy Manager
Version 6.22 February 27, 2004
Code Address: C812E000h Length: 00013C2Ch
Data Address: CE079000h Length: 00008D68h
TIMESYNC.NLM NetWare Time Synchronization Services
Version 6.04.08 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CD2CE000h Length: 0000D33Ch
Data Address: CD2DD000h Length: 000042F0h
CLXNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCLX Runtime Library
Version 6.00 June 3, 2004
Code Address: CD1ED000h Length: 00001213h
Data Address: CD2CC000h Length: 000001B0h
DSAPI.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05.09 October 28, 2003
Code Address: CC01F000h Length: 00000043h
Data Address: CC021000h Length: 00000024h
DSEVENT.NLM NetWare DSEvent Runtime Library
Version 5.05.09 October 28, 2003
Code Address: CC01B000h Length: 00000633h
Data Address: CC01D000h Length: 00000034h
NETNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05.09 October 28, 2003
Code Address: CE000000h Length: 00034F97h
Data Address: CC015000h Length: 00004D45h
NCPNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNCP Runtime Library
Version 6.00 June 3, 2004
Code Address: C8C49000h Length: 0001E1C3h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
CLNNLM32.NLM NetWare NWClient Runtime Library
Version 6.00 June 3, 2004
Code Address: C816A000h Length: 00001C72h
Data Address: C816D000h Length: 00000130h
CLIB.NLM (Legacy) Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.10 February 24, 2004
Code Address: C8675000h Length: 0001898Eh
Data Address: C868F000h Length: 00002FB0h
NIT.NLM NetWare Interface Tools Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.10 February 24, 2004
Code Address: C8BBB000h Length: 0001C694h
Data Address: C869A000h Length: 00000690h
NLMLIB.NLM Novell NLM Runtime Library
Version 5.90.10 February 24, 2004
Code Address: C8B7F000h Length: 0002630Dh
Data Address: C8BA7000h Length: 000038C0h
Version 6.00.03 January 18, 2002
Code Address: C8B5B000h Length: 000120CDh
Data Address: C86C0000h Length: 000010A0h
Global Code Address: C86C3000h Length: 00001000h
REQUESTR.NLM Novell NCP Requestor for NLMs
Version 5.90.10 February 24, 2004
Code Address: C86D8000h Length: 00020BF3h
Data Address: C86FA000h Length: 000010B0h
THREADS.NLM Novell Threads Package for NLMs
Version 5.90.10 February 24, 2004
Code Address: C8965000h Length: 00018BD8h
Data Address: C897F000h Length: 00011660h
LIB0.NLM Novell Ring 0 Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.10 February 24, 2004
Code Address: C88C5000h Length: 0002527Ah
Data Address: CE707000h Length: 00228050h
MASV.NLM Mandatory Access Control Service
Version 1.37.01 December 12, 2001
Code Address: CE444000h Length: 0000F166h
Data Address: CE4A1000h Length: 00002340h
Version 1.20 January 23, 2003
Code Address: CE459000h Length: 0000DD1Ah
Data Address: CE3D3000h Length: 00001600h
NSPSLP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPSLP.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20.02 September 8, 2003
Code Address: CE3E6000h Length: 00005ED3h
Data Address: CE3ED000h Length: 00000B30h
Version 2.09 April 15, 2004
Code Address: CE3FF000h Length: 0001A368h
Data Address: CE41B000h Length: 00005354h
DSLOADER.NLM Novell Directory Services Version 8.6.2 Loader
Version 10330.03 August 11, 2002
Code Address: CE2D2000h Length: 000083FEh
Data Address: CE2DC000h Length: 000006B0h
XIM.XLM Novell NICI Signed Loader
Version 26410.05 November 10, 2003
Code Address: CD2F4000h Length: 00020790h
Data Address: 3D6FF000h Length: 000039B8h
WS2_32.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM
Version 6.21.06 June 15, 2004
Code Address: CD692000h Length: 00036C68h
Data Address: CD24C000h Length: 00011654h
NCP.NLM NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Engine
Version 5.60 February 26, 2004
Code Address: CD282000h Length: 00024B7Fh
Data Address: CD2A8000h Length: 000184E4h
QUEUE.NLM NetWare Queue Services NLM
Version 5.60 March 19, 2002
Code Address: CD224000h Length: 00006D8Dh
Data Address: CD22C000h Length: 00000473h
MALHLP.NLM NSS Configure help messages (Build 340 MP)
Version 3.05 May 10, 2004
Code Address: CAA2D000h Length: 000000BAh
Data Address: CAA2F000h Length: 0000002Ah
NSSIDK.NSS NSS Pool Configuration Manager (Build 242 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CAC21000h Length: 00002EB5h
Data Address: CAA33000h Length: 00000090h
Version 1.21 March 17, 2000
Code Address: CAC1D000h Length: 00000879h
Data Address: CAC1F000h Length: 00000018h
VOLMN.NSS NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Build 184 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CAA3B000h Length: 00004CB3h
Data Address: CAA41000h Length: 00000260h
NWSA.NSS NSS NetWare Semantic Agent (NWSA) (Build 1074 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CA9CF000h Length: 00043D8Eh
Data Address: CAB76000h Length: 000990D0h
ZLSS.NSS NSS Journaled Storage System (ZLSS) (Build 1485 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CAC58000h Length: 000AEF26h
Data Address: CA964000h Length: 0000B6C0h
MAL.NSS NSS Media Access Layer (MAL) (Build 458 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CA957000h Length: 00003106h
Data Address: CA95C000h Length: 00000170h
MANAGE.NSS NSS Management Functions (Build 265 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CA977000h Length: 0001E001h
Data Address: CA997000h Length: 00000610h
COMN.NSS NSS Common Support Layer (COMN) (Build 2350 MP)
Version 3.05 May 19, 2004
Code Address: CAA4F000h Length: 000B25E6h
Data Address: CAB03000h Length: 000106C0h
NSS.NLM NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 666 MP)
Version 3.05 May 10, 2004
Code Address: CA5C3000h Length: 00027740h
Data Address: CA7F6000h Length: 0008C570h
LIBNSS.NLM Generic Library used by NSS (Build 95 MP)
Version 3.05 May 10, 2004
Code Address: CA5B0000h Length: 0000369Ch
Data Address: CA5B5000h Length: 000003D0h
NSSWIN.NLM NSS ASCI Window API Library (Build 189 MP)
Version 3.05 May 10, 2004
Code Address: CA5A0000h Length: 000047DCh
Data Address: CA5A6000h Length: 000000FCh
LOCNLM32.NLM NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
Version 6.00 June 3, 2004
Code Address: CA579000h Length: 0000458Bh
Data Address: CA57F000h Length: 00000B80h
UNICODE.NLM NetWare Unicode Runtime Library (UniLib-based)
Version 7.00 June 3, 2004
Code Address: CA55F000h Length: 000016D5h
Data Address: CA562000h Length: 00000504h
FILESYS.NLM NetWare File System NLM
Version 5.13 April 2, 2004
Code Address: CA62B000h Length: 0008DD97h
Data Address: CA4C8000h Length: 00012BC0h
LFS.NLM NetWare Logical File System NLM
Version 5.12 January 23, 2004
Code Address: CA51D000h Length: 000094EDh
Data Address: CA528000h Length: 0000833Ch
UMSSHIM.NLM Novell USB Mouse Shim
Version 1.01 December 17, 2001
Code Address: CA4DF000h Length: 00000B1Bh
Data Address: 2D4D7000h Length: 0000041Ch
CONNMGR.NLM NetWare Connection Manager NLM
Version 5.60 June 16, 2004
Code Address: CA4E3000h Length: 00011405h
Data Address: C8F6B000h Length: 00003C78h
UKBDSHIM.NLM Novell USB Keyboard Shim
Version 1.00 March 27, 2002
Code Address: C8F5D000h Length: 00000C95h
Data Address: 2D4E1000h Length: 000004ACh
LSL.NLM Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
Version 4.81 May 7, 2004
Code Address: C8FA9000h Length: 0000A617h
Data Address: C8FB5000h Length: 00009EC8h
UHCIDRV.NLM Novell Universal Serial Bus UHCI Driver
Version 1.01.03 May 17, 2002
Code Address: C8F7D000h Length: 00005860h
Data Address: 2D4D6000h Length: 000005D4h
USBIO.NLM Novell USB IO System
Version 1.01.01 April 5, 2002
Code Address: C8F0A000h Length: 0002F308h
Data Address: 2DD44000h Length: 0001A588h
USBSHIM.NLM Novell USB Platform Shim
Version 1.01 September 11, 2002
Code Address: C8EF8000h Length: 00001B32h
Data Address: C8EFB000h Length: 0000B220h
LIBC.NLM Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs [optimized, 5]
Version 7.05 June 23, 2004
Code Address: C8CA6000h Length: 000B35B6h
Data Address: C8D5B000h Length: 0003D816h
AHA2940.HAM Adaptec Ultra Host Adapter Module
Version 8.31.13 February 21, 2003
Code Address: C88FA000h Length: 0001FDD3h
Data Address: 3367B000h Length: 000041FCh
AIC78U2.HAM Adaptec Ultra2 Host Adapter Module
Version 8.31.13 February 21, 2003
Code Address: C8885000h Length: 0001CDD3h
Data Address: 38500000h Length: 000038A8h
QLCSFTE.CDM QLogic SCSI Enclosure SAF-TE Processor CDM
Version 1.00.01 May 24, 2000
Code Address: C885D000h Length: 000010DEh
Data Address: 38504000h Length: 00000034h
SCSICD.CDM Novell SCSI CD-ROM Device Driver
Version 3.01.01 April 22, 2003
Code Address: C85B8000h Length: 00003F15h
Data Address: 38508000h Length: 00000668h
SCSIHD.CDM Novell NetWare SCSI Fixed Disk Custom Device Module
Version 3.02.06 April 21, 2004
Code Address: C85A9000h Length: 00004A4Eh
Data Address: 3850D000h Length: 00000DB0h
MPS14.PSM Platform Support Module for NetWare 5/6 and MPS v1.4
compliant systems.
Version 2.09.01 August 11, 2003
Code Address: C8814000h Length: 0000F200h
Data Address: 3850E000h Length: 00004BB0h
NWPALOAD.NLM NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
Version 3.00 July 10, 2000
Code Address: C859F000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM NetWare 6 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
Version 3.12.08 May 6, 2004
Code Address: C85C5000h Length: 00016746h
Data Address: C85DD000h Length: 00002950h
MM.NLM NetWare 6 Media Manager
Version 3.03 May 17, 2004
Code Address: C85EB000h Length: 00035949h
Data Address: C8622000h Length: 0000A7B0h
SGUID.NLM NetWare 5 GUID Services
Version 5.61 March 4, 2003
Code Address: C856B000h Length: 00000E04h
Data Address: C856D000h Length: 0000018Ah
NBI.NLM NetWare Bus Interface
Version 2.35.16 June 9, 2004
Code Address: C857A000h Length: 0000A993h
Data Address: C854B000h Length: 00001AE0h
NEB.NLM Novell Event Bus
Version 5.61 December 11, 2002
Code Address: C8553000h Length: 00005843h
Data Address: C855A000h Length: 0000097Ch
DIAG500.NLM Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 5.x/6.x
Version 3.00 May 11, 2004
Code Address: C84EB000h Length: 00006CF0h
Data Address: C8526000h Length: 0001D90Ch
CPUCHECK.NLM NetWare Processor Checking Utility
Version 5.60.01 May 7, 2003
Code Address: C84F3000h Length: 00001954h
Data Address: C84F6000h Length: 00004B0Ch
PVER500.NLM NetWare 6.XX Version Library
Version 3.00 February 27, 2003
Code Address: C84E5000h Length: 0000068Fh
Data Address: C84E7000h Length: 00000360h
NWKCFG.NLM NetWare Kernel Config NLM
Version 2.16 September 2, 2003
Code Address: C84D9000h Length: 00003EBBh
Data Address: C84DE000h Length: 00003C3Ch
CDBE.NLM NetWare Configuration DB Engine
Version 6.00 May 10, 2004
Code Address: C8191000h Length: 000101E6h
Data Address: C81A3000h Length: 00015B9Ah
SERVER.NLM NetWare Server Operating System
Version 5.60.05 May 27, 2004
Code Address: 0020F640h Length: 0012D7DAh
Data Address: 0040F640h Length: 001859C0h