We have over 60 NW 6.0 sp4 servers for in our schools. The OS's in the
schools range from Win98se to WinXP sp2. There are times when a user will
lock the login script, which prevents any further logins to that server or
users will get a partial log in and then freeze their PC. This appears to
happen at random. Why does this occur and how do we stop it ?

When it does happen, it may be just a few within a few weeks of each other
and then not reoccur for another few months. To fix it...
We determine who has the file locked, have the user log off then delete
that users' connections. We save a copy of the login script locally and
then delete the login script under SYS:_NetWare\, which is usually "1.NDS".
Run a DSRepair on Stream Files.
Thank you greatly for any suggestions.

Guy Richardson
Dept of Education
PE, Ca.