Don't really know if this is the right forum, but guess it makes the best match for this problem.

Noticed that one of my nw65sp3 didn't had a proper timesync, the timesync debug screen showed
that uniform adjustment request was app. +1980 milliseconds. This server been up for 110 days and I
sometimes got out of timesync when checking it through dsrepair on another server.
Doing timesync reset = on, didn't change anything.
Doing a reload of timesync.nlm, showed a increase in uniform adjustment request until it reached appr. + 1980.
Changed timesync polling interval in config to 300 (5min) instead of 600, and did a reload of timesync.
Timesync still increases, but now only to half of previous uniform adjustment request appr. +990 milliseconds.
Has tried to poll other timeservers but same result, server it self doesn't have any other problems.

Did a restart last night, and now my timesync for that server lies around -6 to -7 millisecond.

Got another server also with nw65sp3 that has a uniform adjustment request at the moment beetween +745 to +800
milliseconds, but gonna watch this one if the time increases. This server been up for 107 days.
All my other servers are perfect.

Don't know if this is a problem that should be reported to novell, cause it's not a real problem, a restart solves it.

/Thanks Paul

Paul Thurn