We ran an across-the-wire migration from a Proliant ML370 NW 6.5 sp3a server (with all post updates) to a new Proliant ML350 server with 6.5 SP4a, setup in a pre-mig state. We then installed the appropriate Products using the SP4a Overlay CDs, Pervasive 8.5 from Pervasive, and then re-ran the Proliant's PSP 7.40 install. We then re-installed ARCserve 11.1, choosing the Btrieve 8.5 install to make sure was installed.

It appeared to go fine, although we lost all trustee assignments and successfully restored them from our trustee.nlm files.

When we brought down the server and brought it back up, it gave an error loading btcpcom (v8.50). It would manually load after the server was up though. Then when it was downed, it abended on NDPSM. Then it seemed the pattern was that every other time we brought it up, it would abend on nspnds in rconag6 running dev / tcp. It then always abended bringing it down - on ndpsm. And every other time bringing it up with a Page Fault Exception on the rconag6 running dev /tcp. It is in an 'up' state right now and seems to be running fine. I can rcon into it, remote manager is fine, I don't see any 'red' items in remote manager, people can login... But, I'm not feeling good about this server. All other a-t-w migrations we've done have gone fine - this is the first one having an issue.

I have attached the abends showing both the 'up' abend and the 'down' abends.

I read about the btcpcom 'fix', but I'm not sure if that applies to a Pervasive 8.5 install.