we had a crashed Netware 6.5 Cluster Node in our Office.
There was an NDS related Problem that could not fixed through dsrepair
so i had to remove nds completley through nwconfig -dsremove

After that i re-joined the server to our existing tree and restored all
nds objects relating to the defective server from backup.

Now everything except btrieve is working:
When btrieve loads (bstart.ncf) it freezes the server at nwmkde.nlm!(no
I already searched the knownledgebase for problems relating to
nwmkde.nlm but did not find anything.

I already checked bti.cfg an tried to rename some files but with no success.

I also noticed that the server freezes when I take a look at the
installed software in nwconfig. I suggest that nwconfig starts btrieve
in background an this is the same problem as above.

How can I throubleshoot this error?

As the server freezes no error is displayed or logged.

Thanks for your suggestions!