I just configured fault tolerant and load balancing NIC's on node_1 of a
Netware 6.0 Cluster (nw6sp5), as described in TID 10072189 dated 11 Nov. 2005.
I assigned the same IP-address to both NIC's, configured one as master-NIC
and the other as slave, enabled FT and LB in inetcfg-protocols-tcp/ip, then
plugged both cables in the switch (not trunked ports) and watched what happend.
It all worked fine until I tried to remove one of the cables to check if
the link is really fault tolerant. Result: funny looking coloured screen -
Abend on node_1.
Later I unplugged node_2 from the switch to get it on the same switch as
node_1. Result: Abend on node_1.

Is there anybody who knows about this problem?
Thanks Stephan