We have a NetWare 6.5 server with SP4 installed. Every few days, we are
experiencing a reboot of the server. In other words, the server becomes
unaccessible from clients, and when we go to the server console, it is
restarting. There is no notification to users that the server will go down
and restart. It is a Dell PE2550, and has been very reliable. We replaced
all of the server hardware, and the problem continued. We also changed the
power source to ensure that the problem was not related to power (although
it acts as though someone is unplugging and then plugging the server back
in). The server is in a secure environment with several other servers.

When the server restarts, it comes up normally. There are no entries in
the Abend.log file that correspond with the restarts. Also, we do not have
the auto reboot on critical abend setting enabled. Does anyone have any
ideas? We support lots of NetWare servers, but have not seen anything like

Thank you, Eric Kroeger