I have a Novell 6 server with nw6sp5e on it. Imanager was working just fine until the other day
when I was remotley connect to the server and notice the stop light flashing at me and it said
some about the processor being at 100 percent usage. I closed out of imanager and came to
work to find the <1> after the server name. I went ahead and tried to restart the server but it
hung up on the shut down so I had to just power it off. When I powered it back on the server
came back up just fine. It was after that that I notice I could no longer get into imanager. I
started to try and get help to fix that problem and again when I got here I found it had the <1>
after the server name so I had to restart again. The person who I had contacted in the other
discussion form said that I should come over here and try and get the abend problem solved
first. I looked at the Abend log and I noticed that both events had CPU Hog Detected by Timer
in them. I don't know if that means anything but the only thing I know at this point is I need